Which parameters are specified in dual and quad level Op-amps.

Which among the following parameters is usually only specified in dual and quad level Op-amps which is precisely known as amplifier to amplifier coupling ?

a. Average Temperature coefficient
b. Channel Separation
c. Gain-Bandwidth Product
d. Offset V & I Stability

Correct Answer : b. Channel Separation

Explanation :

Channel separation is a measure of the amount of electrical coupling between the op-amps which are integrated on a semantic chip. This parameter is specifically highlighted in datasheet specifications of dual & quad Op-amps like μAF772 & μAF774 respectively.
Whenever there is an application of signal to input of only one op-amp, then some of the other signal appears on th output confined level of other op-amps due to physical vicinity of op-amps in dual and quad form of packages.
However, the amplitudes of all these signal are almost similar and therefore, can be evaluated with an assistance of channel separation. This conceptual characteristic of parameter specification & mechanism is supposed to be referred as 'amplifier to amplifier coupling'.
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