Who are actuaries? Eligibility to be an actuary.

Who are actuaries? What do they do?

Actuaries can be considered as the most important analytics working on a country’s financial security programmes. Some of the important tasks that they carry out are –

- Design and development of insurance products, assessing the risk, product pricing and carrying out asset and liability valuation.

- Calculating the premiums – through the application of mathematical probability, compound interest and statistical techniques to finance

What are the qualifications required to be an actuary?

- To be an actuary one needs to be a fellow member of Institute of Actuaries of India (www.actuariesindia.org)

- To enroll for the course, one needs to hold a MSc in Maths or Statistics, the minimum eligibility is 85% marks in maths in Class XII.

- The Institute of Actuaries, London also conducts exams in India.
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