Who is a pet groomer and what are his responsibilities?

Who is a pet groomer?

A person who smartens up or grooms domestic pets such as cats and dogs is known as a pet groomer. Pet grooming includes a wide range of tasks to accomplish, from taking care of pets to tasks which require higher technical skills and efficiency. All pets irrespective of the breed require grooming. Employment options for pet groomers are available in pet stores, veterinary hospitals or vet offices and other mobile grooming services. Alternatively a trained pet groomer can also start his/her own business.

What are the responsibilities a pet groomer is expected to fulfil?

Some of the tasks which a pet groomer is expected to do are, to shave the pets, to trim their coats in appropriate style, to brush the pets or to cut their nails, which is also known as basic grooming in common terms. However some of the advanced chores include performing less agreeable and amiable errands such as emptying their anal glands when they are bought in for grooming. Many people wonder if pets like dogs and cats are receptive to all these grooming activities. Many pets are not and can sometimes scratch you or may also exhibit their fear and may also act defensively. An experienced groomer must become hospitable to pets and should know how to put the pets at ease and the art of restraining the pets. It is therefore advisable to take pet grooming only as a career option if you are passionate about pets and have loads of patience to work hard.

A pet groomer can start as a deputy to an experienced pet groomer to acquaint himself/herself with the very basics of the business. Others can also go for a certification from a pet grooming institution. However those with a professional qualification in the discipline are more likely to get a good job and can give their career a great start.
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