Who is responsible for increasing Suicidal cases in Children: Parents, Society or Schools?

Who is responsible for increasing Suicidal cases in Children: Parents, Society or Schools?

Nothing can be more disheartening when you read news of some child committing suicide. Most of the times, it is difficult to understand or explain this shocking phenomenon. A child, who hardly understands meaning of life or death, takes a bold step and commits suicide. It is tough to imagine what that child should be going through. The society hardly takes efforts to find out the reasons for minors suicides. Today the percentage of children committing suicide is increasing at an alarming rate. And it is high time to know who is responsible for increasing Suicidal cases in Children: Parents, Society or Schools?

• In present life, both the mother and father are working, and they are so engrossed in their work that they don’t have time to focus on their children.

• Life has become a competitive race where parents pressurize their children to come first. The pressure becomes tough for children to handle.

• Parents don’t pay any notice when the children start isolating themselves from friends and other relatives.

• Most of the parents don’t encourage their children to come ahead and share their problems with them. In such a scenario, a child doesn’t understand where to seek help.

• Parents do not think for a second before bringing their personal issues and fights before children. The irresponsible behavior affects a child negatively.


• It is not the parents but the society that has made competition a part of life. Children are unable to cope with the social and family pressures.

• The society has changed where education is not enough for children. There is a compulsive pressure to excel in different fields.

• Children learn from society, and the adults and youngsters of today are taking path of suicide or drugs to avoid their problems.

• Nuclear families are encouraged in today’s society, and therefore children feel more isolated inside four walls when the parents are not home.


• What the schools of today are teaching? Or will it be better to say are they really teaching anything? If they cannot instill confidence in a child, everything else is worthless.

• The schools are burdening children with long school hours along with the pressure of excelling in other school activities.

• Comparison kills a child confidence and self-esteem, and it starts right from school and spreads to other sections of society.

• Schools need to find out what the kids are good at. They should focus on the key skills rather than pressurizing the kids to excel in studies.


The child is not a super hero or a status symbol. It is the first thing that parents need to understand. No matter what, children feel neglected and supported around parents. So, if a child is committing suicide, somewhere it is the parents who failed to pay attention to the child’s problem. Society has a habit of making rules and it will keep making, but it cannot be made responsible for children’s suicidal cases. Coming to schools, along with the parents they are responsible for molding a child’s behavior. They should be more attentive to children’s behavior and anything unusual should be reported to parents well in time.
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  • RE: Who is responsible for increasing Suicidal cases in Children: Parents, Society or Schools? -Deepa Kaushik (11/28/14)
  • World is moving at a faster pace and so are the expectations. Every one wants to find their child at the topmost position. People tend to forget that the different fingers in the same hand vary in their size and performance. Everyone have their own aptitude to perform. Every child has a unique ability, elders need to try to find the strength of the child instead of pressurising them with the load of studies or sports or any other event.

    The reason for the pressure on the children comes from all ends. Be that be parents, schools or society, everyone is more interested in fulfilling their ego and prestige than finding a smile on the face of the children. Parents want to see their children excel in everything to show their false image to society. Hence the society plays a passive role in destroying the child’s capability and turning them into dead bodies. Schools does not stay behind in their competition to success. Every school wants to publish the best result and put undue pressure and load on the tiny shoulders to portray their ego and pride.

    It is not of any use in comparing who is responsible to what extent. We have plenty to change and transform to make this place a better place to live for the children, who should gain confidence in self and have the courage to fight this whole world to show their feast, instead of falling prey to the false ego of the surrounding people.