Whose responsibility should be creating skilled workforce?

Whose responsibility should be creating skilled workforce?

Whose responsibility should be creating skilled workforce? – Government, Education Institutes or Students?

Manufacturing forms an important part of any economy. And all the manufacturing segments need skilled workers to grow and move at par with competitive global economy. Developing an efficient skilled force is must. It should hold top priority in a developing country. A skilled workforce drives the economy. It is necessary to analyze that how many people are employed and how productive they are for economy. Just fulfilling the vacant posts is not enough. The key here is skilled workforce, and not just the workforce. So, whose responsibility should be creating skilled workforce? – Government, Education Institutes or Students?


• It is the obvious responsibility of the state government to create skilled workforce as they become high-wage states only when they have got well-educated workforce.

• It is the government that can lay a base for economic success and overall growth by investing in education.

• The government has got the taxpayers money which they should utilize for more constructive purposes.

• If the government will invest in the education, it will help them in long run as the workers with higher wages will ultimately add to their state budgets.

• State government has got freedom, flexibility and ample tools to enhance the skill force by making proper allocation in the education and training systems.

Education institutes

• Education institutes create the students career and mould their career. Education determines how far the economy can grow.

• Parents pay high fees to get their children educated at institutes. So, it is obvoiusly their duty to ensure that the each batch that passes out is skilled and employable.

• To acquire skills in an environment of fast changing and competitive technological world one has to pursue higher education.

• Middle skills gap exists largely in the economy and it can be fulfilled by well designed courses of educational institutes.

• The workers who are educated are more productive and it is the prime fact that cannot be changed.

• It is the difference in training and education levels that creates a gap between the poor and rich countries.

• Employers don’t have enough time to devote for employee training. They look for workers who are can be placed at work as soon as they are hired.


• Everything comes for a cost, and it is the responsibility of the students to make efforts to search for the career oriented courses to have a successful career.

• Students need to find out the training programs that can enhance their productivity in the long-term.

• Students can well understand their potential and hidden skills. They can decide upon which course to take that can enhance their bargaining power.

• There are times when students have to pay the opportunity cost to refine their skills. But then they will benefit in the long term.

• Students can well analyze the labor market, and if it is already saturated with presence of trained labor then they have to really work hard to become a part of skilled workforce.

• Once the parents have paid the fees and got their children into an institutes, it is their duty to ensure that they study well and make the best out of the resources and time.


It is said the learning starts right from home. The first person who is responsible for creating the skilled workforce is the participant himself. They need to be flexible and ever ready to adopt as per the changing environment. They have to plan out the courses that can refine their skills. The next responsibility goes to the educational institutes who provide platform to the deserving candidates for getting acquainted with the latest learning process. And lastly it is the responsibility of government to make available all the resources and means that can increase the productivity of the workers. In fact, everyone’s contribution matters!
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  • RE: Whose responsibility should be creating skilled workforce? -Deepa Kaushik (08/07/14)
  • Having a skilled workforce is must for the economic development of the country. But our topic under discussion to determine the responsible department to create this workforce is a bit complicated issue. Every citizen of the country should to participate in the welfare and development of the country. So, it is not only the government, but also the institutes, students and teaching faculty who take equal participation in the development of the skilled workforce and so, the economy.

    When we analyse the responsibility of the institutes including the teaching and management, and the students, their responsibility have a limited scope. The teaching faculty is responsible for training the students to carve them into skilled employees who could yield the best output for the nation. Still the teachers and the institutes could only help with the available infrastructure. The scope of the student reduces further to get trained and attain the best education from their tutors and ideals. Precisely, the institutes and the students have the moral responsibility more towards their part of the contribution to the preparation of the skilled workforce.

    Talking of the role of Government, they are the initiators of this big project of shaping up the skilled workforce. The Government need to analyse and determine the budget and infrastructure for this project which is directly appraising our future economy. The Government definitely holds the major portion of the responsibility in developing the skilled workforce by creating more and more opportunities to reach the stepping stones of future India.