Why do you want to quit your present job?

Why do you want to quit your present job?

You may have N number of reasons to quit your present job, may be you don't get well along with your boss or your salary is too less but its not a good idea to make any derogatory remarks about your present company/ manager during an interview.

Try to provide a more practical answer like, "My present company is not able to offer me further growth opportunities. I have a feeling that its the time for me to grow up in hierarchy and take more responsibilities." and that is why I am looking out for a new job.

Go on to relate the job requirements with your experience, personal qualities and aspirations and tell them that since my candidature meets these requirements and there's a potential to grow, I am interested in taking up this job.
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  • RE: Why do you want to quit your present job? -Farhana Afreen (09/22/15)
  • The reasons can be many but you should never go complaining about your current work place to make it up. You might be looking forward to explore other work opportunities if you are new to the career or you might have taken up the present job in haste as a fresher and now you want to be some place stable and apt for your qualification and interest. These can be acceptable reasons and you can tell these to the interviewer without any hesitation.

    You might be looking forward for growth options which might not be very possible with the current company. You can give this reason along with emphasis on the fact that you would be stable in an organization where there are growth prospects with time and experience.

    If your reasons for leaving the job are personal like not being able to adjust with the teammates or a dispute with them, you should keep these to yourself and instead go for a simpler reason like exploring growth possibilities and interesting work options which you find in their company.
  • RE: Why do you want to quit your present job? -Nupur Bhargava (05/13/15)
  • This is a tricky question because you can have numerous reasons why you want to quit your present job. But you should never say anything negative about your company or bosses in the answer as this gives an impression to the interviewer since you are bad – mouthing about your present company at this moment you could further do the same for his company as well.

    You could answer either by saying that you were not getting an opportunity to grow further or maybe you wanted to expand your horizon of responsibilities which you were not able to foresee in your present company.

    In case you have been associated with your present for a company for good 7 – 8 years then you could also answer that the profile involved a lot of travelling and you wanted to stay closer to your family. For female candidates you could also answer that you wanted to take a sabbatical and spend some good time with your family and now you would like to get back to full – time opportunities.

    Still today companies in India could not bounce back from the post – recession period and hence even today companies are doing cost – cutting for survival. In such a case you could just answer honestly stating that ‘in the event of cost – cutting going on in your current organisation, your department is also bearing the brunt and hence you are looking for job security.