Why is MBA or a master’s course required after graduation in agricultural field?

Can you please explain in details as to why do we have to do an MBA or a master’s course after we have done graduation in agricultural field?

Every university or central institutes conduct their own set of interviews that one must clear to study agriculture after school. It’s advisable to students to carry on with their studies and get a master’s degree or MBA degree as it is very valuable. It is also dependent on the field in which one is applying. At a master’s level, one can further specialise in various sections of agricultural engineering like biotechnology, microbiology, management and marketing. These specialisations are available at the master’s, PHD and doctoral levels both nationally and internationally.

Then again a certain type of specialisation and degree is required only if one is entering a specified line of work. For example- MBA is required only when you are working as a market expert in a company but it won’t be required if you are working as a procurement person in the same company. A management degree is not a must in this field but it obviously results in a better career.
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