Why should I choose Hotel Management?

Why should I choose Hotel Management? What are the various options I have in this field?

-It is an integral part of the hospitality sector.
-It has great employment prospects.
-The hotel management sector is gaining a strong foothold in the global market with the advent of globalisation.
-With the opening of new hotels in various big and small cities, requirement for trained hotel management professionals is huge.
-Hotel management requires people who can keep their cool even in the most challenging situations, even though it is considered as one of the most glamorous sectors.

A student can choose from a variety of options when applying for a course in this field:

-Hotel & Restaurant management
-Cruise Ship Hotel management
-Hospital Administration and Catering
-Hotel and Tourism Associations
-Airline Catering and Cabin Services
-Club management
-Forest Lodges
-Guest Houses amongst others

Expansion of global travel industry and aviation industry is expected to boost hotel industry in next couple of years.
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