Why should I choose yoga as a career?

What is yoga?

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word, with the roots “yuj,” which literally means to add or to yoke, which in terms of yoga means to yoke the spirit and the physical body together. In simple terms it is the meeting of the soul with the body, union with the divine, to attain a state of lingering and permanent peace. Yoga is an ancient Indian practice and many traditions and conventions are found in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Yoga is basically practiced to still the ever changing mind, which is the root of all the anxieties and disorders. The practice of Yoga creates a balance between the mind and the body. Yoga has received worldwide recognition due to its everlasting positive results. It was introduced to the western world by Swami Vivekanada, an Indian Scholar in the 19th century. A person who practices yoga is known as a yogi.

Long term Yoga practitioners have exhibited superlative physical and mental health status. Yoga not only serves as a cure to many diseases and ailments such as obesity, arthritis, Asthma, sinus, etc but also prevents other ailments and diseases from approaching the body.

Why should I choose yoga as a career?

The art of Yoga was developed in the sub continent of India almost 5000 years ago by saints and sages who resided in the country. Reference to yoga has been found in almost all the ancient scriptures and sculptures which have survived tell date. Several forms of yoga have been in practice since then. Life has become dynamic and this dynamism has lead to stress, tension and anxiety. The more we expand our capabilities, the more we are surrounded by these so undesired evils. Not only these, thanks to the unhealthy eating habits, a large part of the global population is suffering from anxiety. Yoga is one of those tried and tested stress relieving practises who have withstood the tests of time.

People worldwide have become aware of not only their wealth but also their health status. It would not at all be incorrect to say that yoga has attained a global status. However it is quite difficult to start practising yoga without any sound knowledge of the practice as there is a plurality of asanas, kriyas and pranayamas. All these kriyas and pranayams are practised according to the need of the individuals. Being a yoga trainer has become a rewarding career. It not only benefits you in terms of money but a job which makes you physically and mentally strong...what else does one need!!!
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