Why should we be proud of being Indians?

Why should we be proud of being Indians?

Every human on this earth is proud of their country. Our country is our motherland, and the pride and proud we possess for our nation is the respect that we have for our motherland in our hearts and soul. To feel the honour of being the citizens of our country is itself a great emotion which can never be compared or evaluated with any of the measuring scales existing in this universe. The amplitude of the emotion is the depth of patriotism for our country.

Being an Indian has a special status of honour and dignity in the eyes of the world. The culture and traditions that we have can hardly be compared to any other nation. None of the nations in this world could visualise such a diversity in human population. Still we stay united and feel proud to be called as Indians. The emotion gets much exaggerated when it comes to saving our motherland. We forget all our existing problems, misunderstandings and shortcomings, and bind ourself as a family knitted in a close structure, the power of Indians is what the world visualizes.

Indians – The Pride of Power and Unity

We can enumerate a long list for the various things that is good, in fact the best regarding our country. We have a unique way of living which differentiates and comforts life in India. The greatest democracy of the world makes us enjoy plenty of comforts in India. Let us discuss few of them in brief:

• Unity in Diversity

Everyone is aware of our diversities. The diversities does not limit itself just to the geographical division in the form of states, but we have diversified culture, religion, caste, traditions etc. even the basic utilities of life like food, clothing and dialect have a wide range of diversity in India. Every sub-sects enjoy the equal status with same emotional outflow. Having such a diversified culture, we still stay united as Indians. This patriotism for our homeland is what binds us together with immense affection and respect for each other.

• Democratic set-up

Indian democracy is the world’s largest democratic set-up. Running a democratic government in such a varied list of diversities is a challenge in itself. It becomes very difficult to satisfy the population grouped under all the sects and sub-sects and provide them equal importance. So far, we have been doing our job in a very nice way.

• Secularism

There are hardly few nations which give equal importance to all the religions. India is a land having many religions. Every religion is equally respected and people are given full liberty to follow and preach their religion. The freedom that we enjoy in India can never be equalised by any other nation across the world.

• Joint Family

The joint family culture is very unique and specific in India. We believe in strong family relationships. Love, care, affection are the traits that we give most importance for. We have the full family residing at a place, where the kids are brought up and nurtured under the guidance of the elders. This is where we water these young seedlings with flavour of love, respect, unity and integrity. Family becomes the first school for the children where they learn the practical education of life. The unity within the family incorporates the feeling of being united in the country.

• Environment

The freshness of the environment with respect to the freedom and liberty in every aspect of life is what the beauty of environment in India. We can breathe in the fresh aroma of the air without any hindrance or restrictions. Every citizen can enjoy complete freedom to the extent that it doesn’t hurt others in any way. Indians can live by their choice and set-up their own lifestyle.

• Emotions

India is a land of emotions. Our emotions bind us together. This is the invisible cord that pulls us back to our motherland despite moving to any other country in any part of the world. Our family, relations and friends play a big role in our lives who keep the control panel of our life with themselves. We still have our youth struggling in different parts of the world just to provide a good living for their family. This is what, is the extent of affection that we share.

• Lifestyle

The lifestyle covers many aspects. Indians again have the freedom to live life as per their choice. But the Indian lifestyle of the simple living is by far the most awesome and worth appreciating. The respect for the women and the respect that we give to the physical relationship makes our land very precious. The Indian women have a special framework and dignified outlook throughout the world. The clothings that we have in India as our traditions may vary with the diversified culture that we have in India; still every style of cloths that we wear shares its special significance. Be it the kurta-pyjama or dhoti for the males, or saree or suits for the females, the way of carrying the dress imparts the dignity and respect in the eyes of the viewer.

• Media – newspaper and news channels

India is the land which exceeds the race of having maximum number of newspaper in different dialects. Now the news channels have added up to this race. We have the maximum agencies rushing and pushing ahead to provide the necessary details to the other parts of the world at the earliest possible.

The fall of the Indian Culture

We have a plenty more stuff to feel proud of, but the reality is getting transformed slowly. Our culture is getting damaged day-by-day. With the emergence of the globalization, the intermixing of the cultures have paved their way in. this is how the westernization has hit India, especially the Indian youth who are the stepping stones of the future India. The westernization is eating up our culture and traditions like a pest. Right from the basics of food, clothing and shelter to as important as the economy of the country, westernization has left back its imprints. We need to check this, as we still have got a plenty material of our own which is of much significance for the country and its citizens.


To conclude, we can precisely call India as a heaven. This is the most beautiful place of earth where we can enjoy the fragrance of nature to its best. Flowing with the different colours of the Indian culture will give immense pleasure which could make anyone forget anything and everything. To maintain this pride, we Indians need to get united and pledge to save our motherland and our culture from getting destroyed. We love to be Indians and we will always be proud to be Indians.
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  • RE: Why should we be proud of being Indians? -Hemant Sharma (08/08/14)
  • National Independence Day is right around the corner, the patriotic feeling just started to fill us from within. It is a great privilege to be a part of such a rich culture and heritage. There are so many reasons why we should we be proud of being an Indian. India is unique country which truly standouts in comparison to any other country in the world.
    India’s environment is filled with different flavors. There are various flora and fauna, beautiful mountains, amazing wildlife that covers the entire nation. Everyone is a fan of its natural and scenic beauty and that’s the major reason tourism in India is the largest service industry covering almost 1/4th of the total employment in the country.

    As we all know that India is a land of varied cultures. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian, all these stay united under one roof, one home they call India. It teaches an individual that society is bigger than any individual.

    We are the land with emotions. The emotional bonding in Indians is much more. Various emotions can be seen in India in every small action, for example; speech by politician, punishment by a teacher or care by a sister. The list is endless but the emotions never seem to fall short. That’s why it’s often said that “We think with our heart and do things with our heart”.

    India has an amazing diversified culture from all over the world. An Indian family is rich with every kind of people and traditions. May it be Sari, Kurta or Mundu, nothing can beat the natural beauty of a Hindustani in an Indian attire. One can always see various foreigners getting attracted to the Indian collections during their time in India.
    India is taking huge steps in the telecom market and has the lowest call rates in the whole world. Indians always believe in staying connected. Therefore, the connectivity is better than most of the developed countries. There has been a serious turnover in the telecom market in the recent years with many good years ahead of us. With the largest number of news channels and print media in the world, media is undoubtedly the fourth pillar in India. Media is the biggest asset and the greatest achievement of our country.

    Who can deny that Bollywood is the largest centre of film production in the world? Bollywood produces more than 400 films every year. These are becoming more and more popular with the outside world every passing day. Bollywood runs in the veins of every Indian. Weddings are as famous as Bollywood in India. Go anywhere in the world but you will not come across anything like an Indian wedding. They are as fascinating, royal and beautiful as it gets. Simply, we can say that the greatest family event in India is a wedding. It is a symbol for our rich culture, tradition and heritage.

    Lastly we should pay special tribute to the men safeguarding us on the borders’ – The Indian Army. Indian army is one of the largest in the world securing our borders allowing us to sleep comfortably in our homes. The Indian railways being one of the most densely train system used in the world is again one of the largest in the world. We are proud to call ourselves Indian.