Wi-Fi Hotspots: Essential for Effective Governance

Wi-Fi Hotspots: Essential for Effective Governance

Question: Governance has taken on a new dimension in the online world. Discuss the launch of Wi Fi across 40,000 hotspots planned by state operated PSU BSNL in this context.

• Union Minister for Communications R.S.Prasad recently launched Wi Fi internet facility in the Taj Mahal complex

• BSNL has also planned to establish 40,000 Wi Fi hotspots across the country at cost of INR 6000 crore

• This project aims to ensure governance provides seamless internet connectivity to the population

• The hotspots will be set up in PPP mode

• PSU will add another 2,500 Wi Fi hotspots in 250 religious and tourism cities at cost of INR 500 crore

• This includes Jaganath temple in Puri as well as Nasik where the Kumbh Mela is held and Hampi, Khujaraho and Fatehpur Sikri

Wi Fi At Taj Mahal
• In a first for this tourist attraction, BSNL will provide free Wi Fi service for 30 minutes during the 24 hour block 3 times in a month which can be utilised by visitors in multiple sessions

• Following free usage, subscriber can continue using this service through subscription plan of INR 20 to 70 with validity of 30 minutes to 24 hours

Digital India Initiative and BSNL

• BSNL is planning this initiative as part of the Digital India Programme to cover all cities with population of one million or more and tourist centres with Wi Fi hotspots

• Wi Fi was also launched by BSNL recently at Dashashwamedh Ghat and Shitala Ghats of Varanasi. It also plans to provide Wi-Fi at Fatehpur Sikri, Khajuraho and Jagannath Puri and others by March 2016.

Facts and Stats

• BSNL plans to invest INR 1200 crore in UP West during 2015-2016

• Of this, INR 200 crore has been allocated for upgrading and expansion of mobile network

• BSNL is expanding the 3G network through installation of 596 new BTS sites and installed 795 new GB BTS sites for increasing network coverage

• Around INR 982 crore will be invested in National Optical Fibre Network under the first phase covering 227 blocks of UP(West) Circle
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