Will Indo-US Nuclear Deal Attract Backlash Of Opposition Parties?

Will Indo-US Nuclear Deal Attract Backlash Of Opposition Parties?

India and the US came together on same platform and broke the seven-year-old blockage in operationalising the civil nuclear agreement. The government announced that the deal is done. However, the opposition party and other participants including media believe that BJP has offended its own position while making the nuclear agreement. Let us discuss the topic, Will there be a political backlash on nuclear deal?

Yes: There are certain factors that raise questions on the deal-

- The government will require signing the CSC under which operators and not suppliers are responsible for any nuclear accident. It indicates that in event of any nuclear accident, India and not the US will be held responsible.

- Coming to the US, it has even signed the CSC in 2008. However, it had kept a reservation clause under which it cannot be held liable for any form of settlement disputes and procedures. The question here is whether the US will allow India to keep a reservation clause this time?

- Ravi Shankar Prasad and Murli Manohar Joshi said in 2013 that with Indo-US nuclear deal, Congress us trying to weaken the liability of manufacturers as far as atomic reactors are considered, and it will not be acceptable. However, now the BJP itself is putting up the security of Indians and sovereignty of nation on stake.

- If the BJP government tries to ratify the CSC act, it will indirectly have an impact on the liability clause.

- The nuclear agreement has failed to address Section 46.


- The former UPA government was the one who proposed the mechanism of an insurance pool, and therefore there should not be any issues related to the deal.

- The taxpayers’ money is always used by the nation for development purposes, and again this time 50% contribution will come from government of India and rest 50% from the suppliers who have got stake in the project.

- The opposition parties will consider the growth and welfare of the nation from long-term perspective. The deal will help India to become one of the energy exporters by 2040/2050. The contribution of taxpayers’ money should be considered as an investment in India’s future.

- The administrative arrangements and liability provisions finalized under the 123 act are consistent with the IAEA safeguards and bilateral legal contracts and arrangements.


A political backlash will certainly take place as the BJP government has failed to provide any clarity on the liability clause that has been incorporated. There is no doubt that nuclear agreement can open new ways of growth for Indian economy. However, any loopholes in the deal will put Indians at a great risk. It is therefore essential for the BJP government to come clear on the agreed nuclear deal so that the people and opposition parties can know what the government has decided for the nation.
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  • RE: Will Indo-US Nuclear Deal Attract Backlash Of Opposition Parties? -Deepa Kaushik (02/04/15)
  • The Indo-US Nuclear deal not something that is restricted to a specific political party or the ruling Government, but this should involve every citizen of India. If the Government goes ahead with any such deal that would involve the well-being or leave any impact on the nation, any such decision should be made after going through a thorough discussion at the central and state level. Leaving any scope for the loopholes would be no good for the nation.

    It is not the BJP as a political party which has to go ahead with the nuclear deal, but we as Indians should march ahead with the pact. For this, the citizens of India, including the opposition, the operators and the tax-payers, should be made well aware of all the clause and sub-sections involved in the deal. Any impact would not be owned by the BJP, but that would get reflected on the entire nation.

    It is understandable that the Nuclear Deal could help us in welcoming some bright days with respect to the power generation and energy export. At the same time, we should also be aware of the risk factors at stake to go ahead with this test / deal. Without clarity in the words and explanation by the Government regarding this deal, it is like an open invitation for backlash from the opposition parties and undue agitations throughout the country.