Wipro verbal ability questions and answers

Hi Everyone,

I am happy to be placed at Wipro which visited our college campus during the placement festival -I last month.
The anxiety and fear is now at rest.

I am going to tell you specially about the questions we faced in the English section.

a.) house : residents b.)paper : printing c.) wood : grain d.)story : theme

a.) stupid : bald b.) calm : silent c.) inherent : innate d.) populous : uninhabited

Correct the error:
The man who has committed such a serious crime must (get the mostly severe) punishment.
a.) be getting the most severely
b.) get the most severe
c.) have got the most severely
d.) have been getting the severemost
e.) No correction required

Spot the error:
We will pack not only (1)/ the material properly (2)/ but will also deliver it (3)/ to your valued
customers (4)/ No error (5)

One paragraph followed by questions.
I hope these questions help you.

Best of luck.
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