With SAP user interface how many screen elements can be used

A SAP user interface contains the following screen elements :
• Command field
• Menu bar, system function bar, title bar, application toolbar, status bar
• Check boxes
• Radio buttons
• Tab
You can start applications directly by entering their transaction code in the command field.

The menu bar is the top line of any dialog window in the SAP system.

The pushbuttons in the standard toolbar are shown on every SAP screen. If they are not available in an application , pushbuttons that you cannot use on that screen are deactivated. If you place the cursor over a pushbutton for a short time, the system displays a flag with the name or function of the pushbutton.

The title bar is the function that you are currently in.

The application toolbar shows the pushbuttons available in the application that you are currently in.

The status bar displays information on the current system status, such as warnings and errors.

Within a field group check boxes allow to select several options at the same time.

With radio buttons you can only select one option.

A tab organizes several sub-screens to improve clarity.

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