Woman is God’s best creation

Woman is God’s best creation

India is a place where people worship many female deities by heart. They can’t complete their rituals and worship procedures without worshipping Indian goddesses. Still the male dominant society always yearns for the son child and is keen to kill the female child. Why is so? They need to know the significance of woman. Even woman are now proving the same in various job fields. At this point of time, is it wise to say Woman is God’s best creation?


• After God women can be called as creators of life as they are one who take the pain for nine long months and give birth to children.

• Women don’t play a single role but have to play different roles, and sometimes they even have to do with the same relation.

• The word man itself comes in the woman, and it is not the coincidence but the very fact that they have much more caliber and qualities than man.

• Mother Teresa is the finest example who spent her whole life in serving others without expecting anything in return.

• Woman is God’s best creation not because they can just make a home peaceful and lovable but it is the women who can also make the same house convert into a hell. She can be a creator as well as destructor.


• There are many other things that are more beautiful and even flawless than women. Women even are normal human beings with own sets of good and bad points.

• Nature can be called as the best creation of God that can even bring smile to the most troubled person of the world.

• Children, not women are the best creation of God who are innocent and don’t know the evil sides of world.

• Even there are many men who have done great things for the development of entire society, and so even they are at par with women.

• God created the world and the combination of all the different elements called life is the best creation of God.


Women are an important part of the world. There are many great women achievers like Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale and many others who worked selflessly for other needy people. But even there are men achievers in the noble list. Women have got the special qualities but still there are two set of women creators and destructors. That is why the best creation of God can be Children, nature or it can vary from person to person.
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  • RE: Woman is God’s best creation -gammy battth (12/10/14)
  • Yes, Woman is beautiful creation of the God there is not doubt. but my point of view towards this concern is that, woman is not everything .and without the woman the world is nothing .so the fact is that now some girls are not good they don't have any care about the honour of their fathers means they are on wrong way but some girls are too good they do every possible thing to make their parents fell proud .therefore it varies from person to person .by suming up i can say that childrens are the best creation of the god .they do not know anything .they just know the language of the love
  • RE: Woman is God’s best creation -Pankaj Yadav (12/09/14)
  • On the earth,everthing is created by God.Emphasizing any perticular species,gender e.t.c would be unfair,instead i think each creation has its own beauty.One has to reconize its beauty.Everything created on the earth has a purpose and God lives in every creation.
  • RE: Woman is God’s best creation -avinash (12/09/14)
  • i want to tell you people a short story
    once there was a conversation between god and nature
    nature:i'm the most beautiful creation on earth no one can beat my beauty (proudly)
    god :no there will be another creation soon which overcome your beauty
    nature: hahaha thats impossible
    later god took it as challenge and created women
    beauty of the earth,
    kind hearted,
    and much more
  • RE: Woman is God’s best creation -anjali bisht (12/09/14)
  • right the women is the best creation of god because she has a great power to tolrate our all kind of problems. She is beautiful with heart she does not think about herself she always thinks about all ppeoples
  • RE: Woman is God’s best creation -Garima Gahoi (09/02/14)
  • yes women is a good creation in this world.they have more caliber than men.because of men have done only some official and some other work, but women are complete all domestic and official work both like take care of home,children.even they are handle every role in their life.so women is a responsible,beautiful creation in this universe.
  • RE: Woman is God’s best creation -ROHIT JAISWAL (09/02/14)
  • god creates every thing, women are one of that but not the best one. there is two side of coin and you are telling about only one side. you are successful or unsuccessful women is always behind you. if you find a good life partner then your life is haven but what about the other hand.
    so women is not the best creation but children is the best creation of life.
    they are pure, untouch and the best creation of god tell me one bad thing about the children.
  • RE: Woman is God’s best creation -Rahul pandey (09/02/14)
  • Every thing in the world has its own special characterstics and of course women are the one among them.they need to be hailed high in esteem,respect and dignity.they allow a new life to breathe in world after caring them for 9months in their womb,and honestly speaking they are the humble and more delicate part of a family.but the debate to prove their superiority cannot be a justice at any level.they are to given love and extra care and each and everymen should work for their stand in the family,soceity and in world.they are at par with male in each and every section and needs to be uplifted further more.
  • RE: Woman is God’s best creation -Aisha chauhan (08/31/14)
  • really true!
  • RE: Woman is God’s best creation -devender (08/06/14)
  • i have no obection that woman take a nine month pain and gave birth to a baby but saying that the woman's is the best creation is not true because...
    1.god only creates the nature .
    2.since by giving te examole of mother teressa is not enough to saying Woman is God’s best creation because it depends on the humans thinking about the society,about the country etc
  • RE: Woman is God’s best creation -suneetha Naidu (08/04/14)
  • women cannot be compared with any. The ultimate creation of God is women who can sacrifises her life for her family. I am not a feminist but I am really proud as a women.
  • RE: Woman is God’s best creation -Vamshi (07/10/14)
  • If believe that the Nature is created by the GOD, then absolutely the God's best creation in the entire world is the WOMAN.
    We can't imagine the nature without the woman, and without the woman there is no world, and beautiful nature becomes worthless.
    Woman is the symbol of Love, patience, care, responsibility and beauty. Infact all these factors like love care patience makes the woman Beautiful and Infact the Precious.

    we cant imagine a house or a family without a woman, then how the world and nature would be.

    A Woman is a mother,a sister, a wife,a aunty, a girl, a child, a baby, a friend....what not........all the universe is THE WOMAN. The Woman is the ALL UNIVERSE.
  • RE: Woman is God’s best creation -Devendra chhawdi (06/30/14)
  • really awesome...
    we hv to respect their dignity...
  • RE: Woman is God’s best creation -sunil kumar kirar (patel sahib) (06/27/14)
  • Yes its a fact that woman is God's best creation.
    If you see in your family a little baby(girl).
    Since her birth till death she is playing all the roles like a daughter , a sister , a wife , a mother , a grand mother and many more relations are there.(at different place ).
    Now see the scenario of girl you love her a lot more then a boy.
    You love your sister more then brother.
    You share your all the thought and all the happenings with your partner.
    These all are woman.
    Woman are the root of this world.
    They are playing very important role in this world.
    We usually say that his father is a drinker but I think it doesn't make affect.
    If you listen her or his mother is a Drinker then which type of image comes in your mind.
    It matters a lot Think about it.
    I have a lot to write but we all know the power of a woman.
    I would like to thank to my mother for giving me birth on this earth.
  • RE: Woman is God’s best creation -Deepa Kaushik (06/27/14)
  • God’s every creation holds its own significance. Every living creature is unique in their existence and performance. Everyone has a calibre and talent, the difference lies in the way they utilize their opportunities to emerge and show their existence.

    Woman is as good as any other creation of God. They have their own good and bad traits. No one on this earth is complete, as everyone has some or the other point in their life for which they feel that to have been better. So is a woman like anyone else who tries to complete her tasks and responsibilities to her level best.

    Not every woman is same, they differ with their behaviour, mannerisms and many other qualities, similarly, they differ from the other creations of God. To compare and compete, one should have similar circumstances. Life never gives the same situation to two people to live in. The lives differ and so the traits.

    World is round and lives revolve round a vicious circle. Every living being is a different shade of grey, nobody here can be categorised as black or white. With some or the other lacuna in every living creature, it would not be justified to tag woman as God’s best creation. Every creation is equally good in their existence.