Women Empowerment - The key lies with the women

Women Empowerment - The key lies with the women


Women empowerment is possible if all sections of society move towards making it a reality. Apart from the women in any society, it is also the attitude of men towards them that plays an important role in any type of empowerment. India has an environment of gender inequity and biases which play out at homes and offices across the nation. Certain other countries view women’s rights in an even more negative manner. This attitude has to change now. If the world has to prosper and become a more peaceful place, it is important to encourage its women to become leaders in every field from arts and cinema to science, politics, economics and the corporate sector.


• One of the most important contributors to women’s empowerment apart from the ladies themselves is the societal attitude. Women need to be encouraged to pursue professional activities apart from their domestic responsibilities. Family members need to chip in so that women are not overworked in personal or professional fields. People need to give young ladies the chance to pursue an occupation of their choice rather than sticking to typical fields. Astronaut Sunita Williams is an example of the progressive and modern approach towards women that makes their success stories possible.

• Women need to empower themselves. They need to think positively and become more confident about themselves. They need to challenge societal biases and stand up for what they believe in. The recent case of Tehelka’s Tarun Tejpal being brought to book because of the courageous attitude of the girl who was his victim is a prime example of this. Women should not keep quiet and they should stand up against injustices.

• Society’s leaders and thinkers as well as media should laud the guts of lady entrepreneurs who power the economy and give opportunities to others. From Biocon’s Kiran Mazumdar Shaw to Ela Bhatt, who has founded SEWA, there are many empowered ladies who have become an inspiration for girls and women across India.

• Women currently work for nearly 75% of the world’s working hours and produce about half of the total agricultural output of the world. But they earn only 10% of the world’s income. The condition of women in certain parts of the world such as Africa is disheartening. Women are not able to have equal access to education and jobs. They are given secondary status in many societies. The attitude of the world towards women also has to change.

• Women have always been an inspiration for the world. Pioneers in the field of healthcare and community work such as Mother Teresa are revered for their perseverance and commitment to the cause. Leading women activists and media personalities have upheld the cause of women empowerment across the world. The attitude of women towards their own self has undergone a metamorphosis as a result of this. This is a positive change.


Important societal units such as the family and community also need to support women’s empowerment. It is not only the ladies who can change their status for the better in any society. The attitude of the state towards women’s empowerment should also be positive. Key legislation should be passed and reforms should also be properly implemented so that women’s empowerment becomes reality. Better maternal mortality rates and guaranteed sexual and reproductive health rights are some of the key targets for activists and thinkers who want to see a brighter future for women in the coming centuries.
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  • RE: Women Empowerment - The key lies with the women -kanika (07/30/14)
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    Now, when she went to her husband's house, he started torturing her on account of her affair. He would call her slut, whore, prostitute. Also, he would repeatedly remind her that nobody would have married her because of her handicap.

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  • RE: Women Empowerment - The key lies with the women -Deepa Kaushik (05/09/14)
  • Empowerment of the women in the society definitely lies in the hands of the women. Every person has to struggle for the existence, that’s the reason it is popularly called “Survival of the Fittest”. It is the turn of the women now to stand up and create a position for herself in the society.

    Much support has been provided to women for their betterment, providing opportunities for the education, employment and giving a status of equality in every sphere of life. Now it becomes the duty of woman to swim ahead to hit the shore and also help her co-swimmers to drag themselves ahead in the race of life.

    Woman need to understand the power and prestige for the females in the society and should learn to respect other women in the society. Woman should stop discriminating and suppressing their subordinates at home viz daughter-in-law, daughter or for that matter anybody in the world, so that she gains the respect in the society. Woman uttering bad virtues for the other woman would be like a monkey winning the cake in the cat’s fight.

    To be precise, the supporting hand is already extended by the society in the form of various clause and rules, now it is high time for the women to show their feast to the world, thereby getting victory in the struggle for existence.
  • Women Empowerment - The key lies with the women -Rishika Jalan (04/02/14)
  • Women Empowerment - The key lies with the women

    India as a country is conglomerate of diverse languages, cultures, ethnicity and geographical features. It is undergoing a paradigm change in its growth in the world. And the significant topic of women empowerment is being focused upon. Although India has witnessed many legendary women in the past like Rani Laxmibai, Razia Sultana, Sarojini Naidu and Indira Gandhi, still a lot more needs to be achieved in this area.

    Women empowerment is a process in which women can negotiate for a more equitable distribution of power, a greater voice in important decision making at home, in the society and in the wider political and economic life. The primary motive behind women empowerment is the wholesome development of both the genders. The goal of this entire process is to let women have access to the key benefits of the existing laws. The process is aimed at bringing a change in laws related to marriage, property rights, sexual harassment and other inhuman forms of violence.

    This process of women empowerment begins with the change in women’s thinking and lifestyles. They have to start realizing their own worth and have to start appreciating themselves. They have to value their own set of skills and knowledge with which they contribute to the sustainability of the households and also the community as a whole. On the whole, it should begin with women’s own participation in the different spheres of life.

    One important and significant determinant in women empowerment is education. With proper education women can be aware of their own rights and privileges in the society. Education will bring focus to social status and injustice in a women’s life.

    Along with this economic independence also contributes majorly to the empowerment process. Some major highlights under this are:

    • Poverty eradication

    • Agriculture

    • Industry

    One significant area under empowerment is eradication of all forms of violence against women, whether physical or mental. Through appropriate strategies these needs to be eliminated no matter whether they arise out of traditions or customs or are at domestic or societal levels.

    The process can successfully be achieved if the entire world strives towards it. Not only women but also males are equally responsible for it. Families, societies and the state all are required to have a positive frame of mind towards this. To build a bright and glorious future, women need to be given equal importance and status.