Women's emancipation - what initiatives can the society take?

Women's emancipation - what initiatives can the society take?


While there have been numerous movements for securing women’s emancipation, none have succeeded completely in securing lasting change in many parts of the world. Women form the more vulnerable part of the world’s urban poor. They are subjected to abuse, exploitation, trafficking and neglect. More than half of the world’s agricultural output is produced by women, yet they earn only 10% of the world’s income. India is also in the process of securing women’s emancipation but the journey is far from over. Unless society takes several important initiatives, women’s emancipation will remain a distant dream.


• According to the latest UNDP report, gender inequality losses range from 4.5% to 74.7%. Gender inequity has become a fact of life in many nations across the world. We are living in a patriarchal society where men are given prominence in fields such as politics and economics. There are fewer women leaders and entrepreneurs as compared to men across the world. Germany is the only EU nation headed by a lady leader. In all its years since independence, India has only had one woman Prime Minister. Attitudes towards women need to change. Any society needs to inculcate an attitude of respect towards women in its boys and men.

• Violence against women is a reality in many parts of the world. Even the most advanced nations have high rates of domestic abuse and violence against women. Rape and abuse are common occurrences in many developing nations as well. Indian society needs to bring about a change in the way women are viewed. Mass media and advertisers must portray women respectfully.

• Women should be supported in all spheres ranging from the social to the economic and the political. This ensures that they are able to access better opportunities and become leaders in their field. Society must encourage its sisters, mothers and daughters to have complete freedom to pursue studies or jobs of their choice.

• Apart from economic independence, women also need to get access to equal stature and women’s rights. We are still confronted by immense challenges in areas where poverty and crime are rampant. In such areas of the world, women are even more vulnerable to crime. Sex trafficking is also an evil that must be eliminated. Asian nations such as Nepal have been targeted by human trafficking groups on a vast scale. Most parts of the world that are still developing need better administration and political leadership if women’s emancipation has to be achieved.

• Women and young girls must be given the chance to complete their education. The job market is extremely competitive and women are often denied the right to pursue or complete their studies. Those who are able to secure jobs face complete discrimination at work. They are not given the right to make their own choices. This has to change.

• Women should also be given the right to express themselves. Women activists championing causes such as emancipation and empowerment have been persecuted by those with vested interests. Women should be given the strength to develop their own voice and channelize their energies for securing a brighter future for themselves, their families, their communities and the world.


Women’s emancipation is only possible if concrete steps are taken by all members of society to make it a reality. Women should be encouraged to access jobs and equal opportunities. The world will only prosper if women are given the freedom to develop as individuals and live in a safe and secure manner.
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  • Women's emancipation - what initiatives can the society take? -Rishika Jalan (04/02/14)
  • Women's emancipation - what initiatives can the society take?

    The constitution of India grants the principle of gender equality and also empowers the state to encourage positive discrimination in favor of women. Despite of this various forms of discrimination takes place against women in India and the goal of women emancipation is yet to be achieved. Though from the Fifth Five Year Plan, a number of welfare and development changes for women have been witnessed, but these changes are not supported by the changing mindset of the people which are still against gender equality.

    Gender disparity is experienced throughout India. A strong proof of this is the declining ratio of female population in the last few decades. And the significant and major cause of this is the socio economic framework of the country. Unless the society determines to take positive steps in favor of women, this scenario cannot be changed.

    Protection against violence

    Increased domestic violence and crime against women is a common sight in India. To make sure that women stand equal to men the first step which needs to be taken is creating awareness and prevention efforts on all forms of violence, mental or physical. Such environment has to be created where women are safe. For this achievement the commitment of the youth and the men are equally important. Only with the entire society’s effort can gender equality be established.

    Compulsory education for women

    All girls and women must be given the freedom to compete their education. Only with higher education can the mindset of women also change towards their own betterment. Better paid jobs can be secured by them and they can fight against injustice and discrimination at workplace.

    Women’s inclusion in politics

    Women should be incorporated in the government institutions. They should be given equal opportunity as males in the socio economic sphere. This is significant in those areas where undemocratic factors prevent women from securing leadership positions within the party structure.

    Emancipation of women in the nation can be achieved only with the combined efforts of the entire society. With women emancipation the recognition of the available resources in the community also increases and the nation moves towards further development.