Work areas and earning potential in Environmental Sciences

What are the various work areas in this field?

• Industrial Sector

• Research and Development

• Environmental Consultants

• Forest Management

• Environmentalist

• Environmental Journalism

• Social Development

What is the remuneration that I can expect in this field?

• At the onset you can expect a pay anywhere between Rs.7, 000 - Rs.12, 000.

• Those with post graduate degree may start with a salary range between Rs.10, 000 - Rs.20, 000.

• As an environmental scientist you can earn a starting salary between Rs.12000 and 20, 000 per month which can go up to 35000 per month.

• Immense employment opportunities exist for environmental science professionals and the remuneration varies according to the qualification, experience and nature of work of the employee.

• Trained professionals are offered handsome salary and benefits by the central and state pollution control boards.

• There are many firms related to environmental projects operating on an international level. Such companies offer highly lucrative pay packages to environmental scientists.
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