World Environment Day: Pointing to the Need For Combating Climate Change

World Environment Day: Pointing to the Need For Combating Climate Change

Minister of State for Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Prakash Javadekar spoke on the occasion of World Environment Day, emphasising the need to remember how important it is for us all to look after earth when it needs us the most. The collective partnership of the stakeholders is urgently needed if sustainable development and ecological conservation has to become a reality. World Environment Day was celebrated on June 5.

On this day, the new initiatives taken by the ministry for the protection of the forests and environment were also discussed. The new programs and projects will be linked with the broader vision and roadmap to address all the concerns of the relevant stakeholders. People also need to change their attitudes and have more eco-friendly habits. Small things like using cloth bags and cutting down on fossil fuel use can impact the earth in a big way. Mobilizing people to bring about the change is essential. India is a country with great natural diversity and wonderful habitats. Yet India's wetlands are currently facing the threat of extinction as are species such as the snow leopard and the tiger.

Positive thinking coupled with policy implementation can yield good results. The bigger picture is that if we all do our bit for the planet, we only will be the beneficiaries. With the possibility of a below normal monsoon possibly due to global warming leading to the El Nino effect, it is the citizens and the farmers who will bear the brunt. Any damage to crop and the massive loss of lives and livelihoods is a painful reality we will be forced to continue living with, if we do not take steps to counter environmental degradation.

As we have a PM who understands the importance of combating climate change, India already has an advantage when it comes to fending off global warming and environmental damage. The re-naming of the Ministry to include climate change reflects an enlightened and proactive approach. The new system for environmental clearance applications online will also promote transparency and accountability. The new system will be operational with effect from 1st July, 2014.

This is the 42nd World Environment Day which is being celebrated yet the world and our country have such a long way to go when it comes to reversing climate change. The biggest challenge before the country is to clean the water bodies and address the issues pertaining to solid waste management. Working on developing renewable energy sources will also yield rich benefits.

During the address, the Minister also indicated that he will be involving stakeholders in all discussions relating to the issues. Motivation sessions of Ministry officials will promote a more stronger morale boost for the department. It is good that plans such as crowd-sourcing are going to be used for designing new ads for the Ministry. Involving more people and using collective intelligence to battle the menace of climate change is a positive approach. Hopefully, with policies and policy makers that are geared for a cleaner and greener earth, next year's Indian monsoons at least will be free of the possibility of an El Nino effect.
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