Would you advocate YOLO philosophy of living life?

Would you advocate YOLO philosophy of living life?

YOLO- the acronym for “You Live Only Once” implies that one should enjoy life to its fullest even if it means heavy risks. The people who practice YOLO ideology believe that God has given one life, so one should try everything adventurous that gives one pleasure because every person has to die one day.

With the widespread of this ideology all over the western countries, it has also invited strong criticism as many times people try out a lot of things which are very risky and dangerous. But whether one should practice this philosophy or not, let’s find out:-


1. This ideology is like a breath of fresh air in the current hectic and fast moving world. It gives people the liberty to do whatever they want; however crazy it is. For ex:- Just ate my entire birthday cake was the YOLO moment of a Birthday girl in US who posted it on twitter.

2. This ideology helps people in removing their fears about everything as the followers believe that there is just one life and you must take all the risks because you might not get another chance.

3. Many researchers have claimed that YOLO followers are free from any sort of depression or emotional traumas.

4. This philosophy inspires people to do new and creative things like a boy posted on facebook that he learns a new dance style every year as a part of YOLO.

5. Most of the times we see people who have a lot of crushed or suppressed desires and they never get a chance to explore them. YOLO gives you a chance to fulfill all your desires in this very life time.


1. YOLO is nothing but a new tool in the hands of the youth who use it to do whatever crazy they want to do like smoking, drinking etc.

2. This ideology itself is flawed. Are you thinking: I only live once - and what I do, and the consequences that result, don't matter? This approach is very impractical.

3. A lot of times YOLO ideology makes people careless towards their responsibilities and priorities in life as they don’t care about the future consequences of their actions.

4. At times, people end up doing bizarre and dangerous things in the light of YOLO. Recently, one rapper named Ervin posted on his twitter that he was drunk driving at a speed of 193km/h as YOLO. Later he died in the road accident.

5. Bible tells us that one must live his life in view of the future that is awaiting him. This very teaching of the Bible contradicts the YOLO ideology.

6. You have come to this Earth with your share of responsibilities and you can’t run away from them in the name of being a YOLO practitioner.


YOLO is a new experiment in today’s world and it can be preached if there are certain rules and foundations of the principle of YOLO. But the way in which it is being followed currently, is an open invitation to troubles.

One must live life and do whatever one wishes for but he must also keep in mind that his actions must not trouble others and his life as well.
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  • RE: Would you advocate YOLO philosophy of living life? -Deepa Kaushik (04/21/14)
  • YOLO philosophy is admirable. It gives everyone a chance to live their own life to the fullest. This philosophy has many good virtues with respect to freshness of mind and thought process. It is a way to have a clear focus for whatever we do in our lives.

    This philosophy has made people enjoy every moment of life. Such people never crib for anything, they never complain of any dejection for anything life. They live their life their own way. We can hardly find such people bowing in front of others for any favour. These people have high self-esteem as they have full confidence in themselves. Such people never fail in any of their targets, as they keep trying till they could satisfy themselves.

    In today’s fast moving life, people are totally bound to lead a sedentary lifestyle. With least physical exercise and high mental pressure, they tend to get to irritability and depression very often and get exhausted quite early in the long run. If YOLO philosophy can be practised, then they will not compromise their desires for anyone which in itself rejuvenates their energy.

    Still practising YOLO doesn’t mean to take risk voluntarily at every step of life.