Would you send your child to a pre-school before 3 years of age?

Would you send your child to a pre-school before 3 years of age?

Among the concerns that come with having a 3-year-old is finding the answer of whether or not your child should go to a pre-school. It is one of the important decisions that parents had to take for bright future of their child. There are many people who confuse preschool with a day care facility, but both the terms are entirely different. Preschool focus on learning of child, however it is optional in case of a day care facility. Here, let us discuss on the topic, ‘Would you send your child to a pre-school before 3 years of age?’


- Children get lots of benefit from preschool, including how to socialize. They learn social skills that directs them how to behave with other kids. Also, preschool helps in emotional development.

- The formal education of children starts when they cross age of three years. Sending them to a pre-school before 3 years prepares them well for kindergarten.

- A mom gives 24-hour-a-day duty for taking care of her child, especially in early years. Sending them to a pre-school before 3 years allows the mother to have tome for herself, which is essential for her own sanity.

- Everyone wants same age company and children are no exception. They get playmates of same age in preschool.

- Preschool don’t puts any academic burden on kids, instead lays a solid foundation for academic learning. If a child enjoys and at the same time learns, there is no problem in sending then to a preschool before 3 years of age.


- Parents want to send their kids to preschool as they believe that it prepares kid for kindergarten. However, it is not necessary that it will result in an easy transition. It can even make it tougher for kids.

- Once the formal education starts, then children don’t get ample time with parents. Children need their mother all the time, especially in the early years,

- Children are self-learners and they don’t need a preschool to learn things whether it is socialization or preparation for kindergarten.

- If a kid is sent to a preschool before 3 years, it can have a negative impact on child. It will pose limitations on free exploration and creativity. Kids unknowingly narrow their thinking and don’t look for other sources for getting information.

- Sending a child to preschool before 3 years means more financial burden on the parents, and that too unwarranted.


Kids should be exposed to some kind of group experience before they are sent to kindergarten. Children get an opportunity to learn a lot more things in a preschool. However, it doesn’t imply that kids who stay at home are at loss. They get a chance to stay with their parents, siblings and grandparents 24-hours a day. Therefore, sending to a preschool is an objective decision that can vary as per the situation.
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  • RE: Would you send your child to a pre-school before 3 years of age? -Deepa Kaushik (02/06/15)
  • Before going on to this discussion, we need to make one thing clear that pre-school and kindergarten are two different things. These are not succeeding or preceding proportions which has to get linked with each other. The pre-school is an added source of learning for the child. It can neither replace nor have an independent stand in the education of a child.

    A child is an open book with blank pages. They imbibe every detail that they come across in their day-to-day activities and environment. The child learns at every point and every step of their life. The home is and will always remain their first land or learning and understanding which they implement into the practical world. The pre-school is a new environment for the child and an exposure or them to be a bit independent with their basic requirements.

    A child is not going to spend the whole day in the pre-school. So, it would be unfair to call it tedious for the child to be separated from the home environment. It is just like an outing for them and an exposure which makes them mingle with the children of their age. Pre-school learning does not mean the actual reading and writing forms which has to be forced into the tiny brain of the little ones. It should be a place where they can look to some new things and learn the basic discipline and manners to carry on the life in a disciplined way on principles.

    The home environment restricts the child with their activities; and instead give place to their adamant and stubborn attitude. The pre-school is a place where the child understands that they are like any other child and nobody special to be pampered which could suffice them with all their demands. This practical reality should be made aware before the child enters the kindergarten, as the schooling would demand their attention on the actual study form of reading and writing. The child entering the kindergarten directly from home often finds it hard to have a balance between the practicalities of life along with their actual educational requirements. Hence, it is very much appreciable to go ahead with the decision of pre-schooling for a tiny tot before their actual schooling at 3 years of age.