Write a function for a button. - Flash

Write a function for a button.

The following are the steps to create a function for a button:

- A function is a script to write once and use repeatedly in a document that performs a task.

- Here is the process to create a function to appear a movie clip when the mouse button is released.

- Click after the last line of code in the Script pane of the Actions panel.

- Press enter and type function to show animation.

- Press enter and click on Insert Target Path on the top of the Actions panel.

- Select onButton_btn from the hierarchical tree, and click on OK.

- Type a period (.) i.e., a dot in the Script pane and double click onRelease from the list of code.

- This appears as ‘ this.onButton_btn.onRelease=function()

- Press enter and type the script - screen_mc_visible=true;

- Press enter to terminate the statement.
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