You have switched many jobs-why?

You have switched many jobs-why?

Too much job hopping gives an impression that the candidate is unstable and unreliable but you can put this query to ease by saying that you switched jobs to broaden your experience.
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  • RE: You have switched many jobs-why? -Farhana Afreen (09/22/15)
  • When you are a fresh graduate, opportunities you feel are many but you are impulsive and you want to get into a good job, no matter what and where. Later on in life you realize that you diverted from your genre in haste and that you would be in a much happier position in the job of your choice. This can lead to too many job switching to find that one place where you truly belong.

    "I was a fresher and as impulsive as I could be, I took up jobs that weren't exactly meant for my field but I wanted to be working soon after graduation. I didn't wanted to be sitting idle till I get a job that suits my profile so I went on to join organizations where my skills could be enhanced in any way. Though I believe I learnt a lot of useful things in those jobs but now I would like to be somewhere stable in a job suited for my knowledge and area of expertise. I believe this is one company where I would fit in well and the job description is exactly what I would want to do."

    "As you can see in my resume, all the jobs that I took up in past required varied tasks from me since I wanted to gain good experience in most of them. Though they were not exactly what I was looking for in a stable job, they did offer me what I could have asked for at that moment. Now I want to be in a stable position doing things I want to do and I believe that your organization is one such place where I could belong.