You should do what you love doing

You should do what you love doing

Doing any work and the performance level in the same is always best delivered when the same is done with passion. The more the love for work, the better is the result. What we achieve and how fast we progress with honesty is the thing into consideration. There are people who just look out for the results and few others who do take care of the way the work is accomplished. This is where the difference of opinion paves its way in, as to whether we should do what we love, or it’s just the result that matters. Let us discuss how far our passion for the work helps us.


• The more we love the work, the better is the involvement. We can deeply analyse the things

• Doing the work we love to creates interest within ourselves.

• The more success stories are not from those who are more educated or literate, instead people who perform the things in their field of interest excel in their life. We can have the example of Newton or Einstein or any other great inventor for that matter.

• Children if given liberty to study the course of their choice can emerge more successfully, rather than enforcing them with a specific stream.

• If we do the work we love, there is big scope of getting into the depth of the matter. We can come up with the things never explored in the past.

• Great inventors and explorers are not born with special traits, instead, they were encouraged , or in other words not stopped from exploring their field of interest.


• What is important is the final product / the result that we deliver. It should be appropriate.

• Not every person on this earth is lucky enough to get through their desires. Everyone has a wish, but in the practical world today, money has a upper hand and the say of wealth overrules the universe.

• The era we are living today is not the same as a decade before. So, we cannot compare with the inventors who existed ages ago.

• World revolves around wealth and fame. Our parents and elders are much aware and more concerned for our future. They can definitely guide a better study stream for us which could help us stand on our own and earn enough to support our family.

• We cannot sit idle till we get the job in our field of interest. Everyone has a moral and social responsibility that need to be attended on time.


Working with interest is definitely a welcome note and that could deliver better results. But life is not a place to sit and watch for the opportunity. We should keep moving and grasp the opportunity when it hits us on the way. Grab the work you love if that comes your way; else try to give the best possible result with whatever task you are assigned. This is the rhythm of life.
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  • RE: You should do what you love doing -Teena Bhatia (07/27/14)
  • In the materialistic world, people are running after the things that might fulfill their needs but doesn’t make them happy. Even if the richest people lives are analyzed it can be seen they are not happy with whatever they are or they have. So, from where is this dissatisfaction coming in lives of people? Is it the problem of having too much or the problem of having less? Perhaps, it is not the problem of having less or more, but it is more about being in love with the work you do.
    Is it important for the people to derive happiness from what they do or should they involve in only those acts that they love doing? It is a highly confusing and highly debatable topic. If people only do what they love doing then there is a high probability that they will lack behind in the materialistic world. I would repeat again the word probability. There are chances that they can really succeed in whatever they do. And, on the other hand sometimes they have to leave their interests and have to walk on more conventional path to succeed in life.
    However, in any case it is important to understand that it is life. It is essential for the people to be flexible in life. In the particular case, there are many factors that can influence the decision. A girl might love to make her career in acting but there is a probability that she might be good in something else. So, the first factor is ability of doing best in whatever you do. If there is no skill set person is bound to fail.
    The second factor is family conditions. People have to adjust their love for work according to the family conditions. A salaried person might want to start with his business but the family conditions might not be supportive. So, in that case it would be necessary to continue with the work that is not his choice.
    The third factor is preferences, what you want out of life. If you just want satisfaction you should do what you love doing but if you want more you have to again adjust as per the conditions.
    The fourth factor is the choice of decision whether it is right or wrong. Youngsters love to drink and smoke, so should they continue with those habits. The answer is No. In any condition, it is a very subjective decision that will vary as per the conditions.