Youth Culture today

Youth Culture today


Youth today is an over-civilized living creature on the earth. We have the evolution process undergoing continuously at every segment of life. Our youth have also evolved much ahead of the imaginations. They have incorporated both the bests and worsts to a very high extent. The gallop that the youth has taken in moulding and modifying their lifestyle is much beyond the imagination capacity of an average human being. The youth culture today, the topic under discussion is not confined to our country, but worldwide. The youth have developed their race, their sect to the heights that we feel the necessity to discuss their culture in specificity here.

Youth today – positive front

Our present age youth, the stepping stones of the future world, have many positive points to be appreciated and encouraged. Our youngsters definitely have the warmth in their blood which ignite them to gear up and succeed in every possible attempt they make. All they demand is attention and encouragement.

Let us discuss in brief a few areas of their specialization:

• Determination and Dedication

Our youngsters have a firm determination. This gives them stamina and immense courage to accomplish their target on time with utmost perfection. If we closely visualize, their dedication and sincerity towards the work increases day-by-day.

• Withstanding the stressful circumstances

Our young generation has a very good capacity to withstand the stressful situations. They can manage any and every circumstance in a rewarding manner. Gender is no bar to the withstanding ability. Everyone is equally tested and treated in the world of employment and performance and the parameters are very competitively met by our charming youngsters.

• Patriotism

Patriotism is no question for the present age youth. They are very much eager to serve their nations till the last breath of the life. Every youngster gets heated up when the situation arises to defend his / her motherland. Everyone performs and devotes their part in the best possible way to serve their nation.

• Preview of life

Youth today has a practical approach and they foresee the life in the same way. They have the talent of accepting the fact and actuality of the life. Today’s youth is well prepared to face the worsts and they get themselves well equipped before-hand to face the situation effectively and efficiently.

• Unprejudiced approach

Our young generation is matured and can analyse the situations with a balanced state of mind to reach to the best possible resolution for any concern without any bias. They don’t rush with the solution in any stress and take the required time to reach to a firm decision.

• General and social awareness

The youngsters are well aware of the balancing equations of life. The general IQ and the social awareness make them help in the upliftment of the rural segments of the world. They are the ones who plan and promote the development of the under-developed nations.

Youth today – negativity prevailing

Though we have a lot many points in favour of the present day youth, still it is a bitter truth that the part of youth is flowing away with the extremities of the abstracts of the emotions. This yielding tendency has led to the increasing concern of violence and rage in to the society.

Taking a brief preview of the negativities of the present age youth:

• Over-socializing

Though it is good to a extent that the gender bias is removed from the society due to the socializing nature of the youth, still the over-socializing nature has transformed the relations and the physical relationship is treated as a game of the youth. Such a careless move by the young generation is leading to lot many medical complications in the later part of their lives.

• Rage

The warm blood of the young gets heated up much frequently. The youth lacks patience and they all need their tasks to be completed as and when required and that too immediately. The loss of patience and the hot temper is often the cause of violence and rage. The increasing terrorism in the world is one of the examples of their rage and yielding tendency.

• Pub and disco age

Some sort of entertainment is understandable at the young age. But carrying on with the bad habits like smoking and drinking and getting addicted to the pub culture is definitely not a good sign of the future world. Youth treats the life as a game and enjoys the present to the fullest. Though it is good to live at the present, but one need to wisely plan for the future as well. This is what some of our youth fail during the peak years of their life. The junk food is again a bad virtue of the youth culture.

• Over dependent on technology

Our young generation is tech-savvy. They can complete every task in a click. The cyber world have given them a life of ease and comfort. The tech savvy youth have lost the values of physical exercise and are landing into poor health conditions in tender age. We have reached an era where our youth in unable to perceive anything without the technology. They have completely become dependent on the technology. Instead of humans operating the systems, the technology is handling and controlling the present day youth.

• Fall in the moral values

Young generation have definitely lost the moral and humanitarian values. All they are marching towards is wealth and property. They lack time for friends, family and loved ones. They lack the values of respect, affection and care. This lack of moral values and emotions have made them mere vegetables.

Impact of Society

Society definitely plays a very important role in the shaping and re-carnation of the youth. The encouraging environment definitely gives good results. But our society is also lacking the moral values and everyone has become egoistic and self-centred. Nobody cares to appreciate any good values in their vicinity. Everyone is busy in portraying their false face up. With such a demotivating surrounding, our youth is definitely having a sinking heart and downfall in their progress.


It is easy to conclude the topic, but the discussion will never cease. The youth definitely needs attention and appreciation. The youth is like the clay in hands of the sculpture. The more careful the sculpture is, the better is the resulting statue. Our youth requires to be moulded carefully and tactfully. All that we need is the encouraging society who could uplift the young generation and create a better tomorrow.
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  • RE: Youth Culture today -Hemant Sharma (08/06/14)
  • The Violent Generation. The E-Generation. The Scapegoat Generation. The Hollywood Generation. The Ambitious Generation. From sociologists and journalists to parents and educators, today’s youth are categorized into various different labels. Youth culture is the way the teenagers behave these days, their norms, values and practices they share. There is a major difference between the culture of the older generation and the culture of the youth generation. A lot of emphasis is given to clothes, looks; music, sports, vocabulary and dating these days.
    There are many reasons to believe that the youth culture doesn’t exist and have the same morals and values as their parents. But there are many more reasons to argue that youth culture is a distinct culture and cannot be compared with their parent’s culture. Youth people are a very dominant force in precipitating change in the society. They have a negative as well as a positive impact on the society they are leaving in.
    Over the last decade, youths had a very strong influence of the lifestyle as well the culture. The liveliness, confidence and the way of seeing things differently was introduced by the youth. Women started drinking & smoking with men who they feared earlier. The style of living changed with the presence of the youth culture.
    Youth culture plays a main role in identity development. Youth have become really particular regarding their behavior which differs them from one another. Youth culture plays a great role in achieving an identity during a very critical time when one’s role in life is not clear. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that Youth culture is a very important aspect in today’s world.