Yuvraj Should Have Been A Part Of World Cup Team.

Yuvraj Should Have Been A Part Of World Cup Team.

BCCI Selectors unanimously decided that Yuvraj Singh would not be a part of the world cup team. He was not included in 15-man squad for World Cup 2015. It came as a shock to his fans who desperately wanted him to see play. However, soon they received good news of Yuvraaj being bought by Delhi Daredevils for a whopping Rs 16 crore. Here, a major question arises, whether national selectors did a mistake by not selecting Yuvraaj for World Cup 2015? Let us discuss on, “Yuvraaj Should Have Been a Part of World Cup Team.”


- Yuvraj was, is and will remain a fighter in all phases of life. Such a determined and strong player should have been selected in World Cup 2015.

- The past contributions of Yuvraj were overlooked by BCCI selectors. On basis of past performance, he deserved to be in World Cup team.

- The big players were always given a second chance even when they were out of form. Why selectors failed to give this chance to a performing player like Yuvraj?

- There is never a surety that all selected fifteen will do wonders in World Cup. When there is no surety of performance, then Yuvraj should be given a chance.

- No one can ever forget the contribution of Yuvraj in World Cup 2011. At least selectors should remember the World Cup Glory that was possible largely due to Yuvraj.

- Even domestic performance in Ranji trophy where he smashed three back-to-back centuries was not taken into account by selectors.

- Nevertheless, Yuvraj is bought by Delhi Daredevils for Rs. 16 crore which clearly indicates that he is worth a buy.


- Games don’t work on emotions of fans. The selection committee need to analyze current form and take rational decisions.

- Stamina is a key factor in cricket, and at present it is a weak part of Yuvraj who lacks required physical fitness.

- World cup is a mega event and therefore selectors cannot take a chance and become a target of Indians. The fact is world cup not only requires physical stamina but also emotional strength. The requirement would have created immense stress on Yuvraj.

- There are many other players who have worked hard and performed well to become a part of World Cup team. BCCI selectors cannot ignore those players over Yuvraj.

- Yuvraj is not in the same form that bought World Cup for India in 2011. Also, his bating record against NZ and Australia is not so great.

- Ranji performance cannot be taken into account as he made big scores on not-so-bouncy pitches.


Here, it is important to understand that even BCCI selectors know that Yuvraj had contributed significantly to Indian cricket. They will intentionally not ignore a star player. The problem here is with form. Yuvraj needs some time to come back in form. World Cup is a much awaited series for everyone. Even decision of not selecting Yuvraj is good for player as he would remain away from all stress that could have been harmful for his health at this time. So, BCCI selectors did a right thing by not selecting Yuvraj for World Cup 2015.
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  • RE: Yuvraj Should Have Been A Part Of World Cup Team. -rajesh kumar sahu (02/28/15)
  • i think it is very bad dicision by the bcci to secect the 15 squad for the icc cricket worldcup 2015.as we all are know yuvraj singh is a very big match changer as well as match winner palyer .& his performance in the oter continent is also very fantastic.which could be very helpful for the team to win the world cup..as also we that previous world cup that yuveaj singh is declesred man of the tounament which also shows his capabilities so accodring to me...atleast one more chance given to such a wonderfull player in the team squad...
  • RE: Yuvraj Should Have Been A Part Of World Cup Team. -M.ARAVIND KUMAR (02/27/15)
  • he should have been a part in this world cup. no other player can fill his place as a perfect all rounder... we are sure he will be back to indian squad again and we are waiting for that moment
  • RE: Yuvraj Should Have Been A Part Of World Cup Team. -rohit (02/26/15)
  • no doubt that uv is great player but i think he is out of form now. the selectors select the team and we all can see that they are giving their best. they performed well against Pak. and SA. bychance if our te

    am played bed against these teams then we have been saying that UV and other senior players are not a part of team only because of that indian team is not performing well. but the reality is different now.
    every player whether he is senior or new should get the chance ob basis of performance
  • RE: Yuvraj Should Have Been A Part Of World Cup Team. -nitin (02/26/15)
  • Yuvraj should not be the part of world cup as he is out of form
    And he is not able to overcome his weakness of Short ball and and to play on bouncy pitches
    The team in good form is Australia and his past performance against it is worst
  • RE: Yuvraj Should Have Been A Part Of World Cup Team. -ABHISHEK KISHOR (02/25/15)
  • no doubt really yuvraj deserves the place in world cup squad as he is a game changer........
  • RE: Yuvraj Should Have Been A Part Of World Cup Team. -yogesh gautam (02/23/15)
  • yes i do agree with yuvraj's selection on world cup team.he has potentitial to fight till the last moment,and also he has a match winning capabilities.very powerful batsman has ability to turn the match in the critical situation.but before some days he hasn't in form and struggling with his game,may be selection commeettee wants to give chance to new talents. but any way finally he got 16 crores offer for ipl.so forget about world cup.we will not miss him . still he is available to entertain us.
  • RE: Yuvraj Should Have Been A Part Of World Cup Team. -monu (02/22/15)
  • But according to me..... yuvraj singh is very good player in the Indian team.!
    Now he was not able to play world cup..bcoz his performance not good before series..
    And it is all for the best..! Now he has sold 16 crore rupees for
  • RE: Yuvraj Should Have Been A Part Of World Cup Team. -Deepa Kaushik (02/20/15)
  • The decision taken by BCCI should not only limit with Yuvraj, but should ideally extend to all the players in a pretty honest way. If the BCCI decides to take-in the players in form, for the World Cup, then the same maze should have been used to filter and screen every player chosen for the world cup. It is not Yuvraj or any other player, but the World Cup is the dignity of the country. The victory would remark the country and not the player in person.

    Though players individually contribute to the victory, still the team-spirit speaks aloud when it comes to winning the sequence. Yuvraj and other old players may be experienced with the game, but that doesn’t pave way for their entry to the world cups to come. The experience is important, but performance is much more important. The older players often fail to perform just because of their hold on the selection committee and just portray their experience to get selected.

    The selection committee should act very fairly and honestly in their selection criteria and any sort of partiality digs a great pit on the performance when the same gets show-cased on the World pitch. There should be no second consideration, or any soft-corner for any player which leads to compromise in the victory. Hence, it is very much apt to spare the player who is not in form from the World Cup, be that be Yuvraj or any other player.
  • RE: Yuvraj Should Have Been A Part Of World Cup Team. -ankit (02/19/15)
  • i think yuraj singh must have been given a chance to play in triseries at australia and on the basis of his performance in the triseries the decision should be made,he is a big player and player like him wont take much time to retain their form