Zensar Campus Placement Process and Paper Pattern

Zensar Campus Placement Process and Paper Pattern

Zensar technologies is a software developing company which looks out for innovation and ideas. Zensar operates from US, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Singapore and Australia regions and delivers in countries like India, China, UK etc. The company boats to be the world’s first enterprise-wide SEI CMM Level 5 Company.



- The company requires the candidates to have a minimum of 60% marks in 10th, 12th, B.E./B. Tech.
- No active or pending backlogs
- Knowledge of:
Oracle EBS
Oracle agile PLM
Agile administration and architecture


There are 4 rounds in the selection process

1. Pre Placement Talk (PPT)

This is more like a counselling session. The candidates are informed about the entire procedure, organisation and about the tentative pay.

2. Written Test

In the second round, the reasoning skills and numerical ability of the candidate are assessed. Questions related to the course are also asked.
There are a total of 80 questions which are to be answered in 80 minutes, 20 in each section to be answered in 20 minutes before shifting to next. The categories are:

A. English ability
B. Quantitative aptitude
C. Technical skills
D. Reasoning


Question 1

What is the output of the code given below?
int main()
printf("%d ", 1);
goto l1;
printf("%d ", 2);
l1:goto l2;
printf("%d ", 3);
l2:printf("%d ", 4);

A. 14
B. Compilation error
C. 134
D. 124

Question 2

The output of the code below is
void main()
int i = 0;
if (i == 0)
goto label;
label: printf("Hello");

A. Nothing
B. Error
C. Infinite Hello
D. Hello

Question 3

If 2x-y=4 then 6x-3y=?

A. 15
B. 12
C. 18
D. 10

Question 4

Thirty men take 20 days to complete a job working 9 hours a day. How many hour a day should 40 men work to complete the job?

A. 8 hrs
B. 7 1/2 hrs
C. 7 hrs
D. 9 hrs

Question 5

Mr. Shah decided to walk down the escalator of a tube station. He found that if he walks down 26 steps, he requires 30 seconds to reach the bottom. However, if he steps down 34 stairs he would only require 18 seconds to get to the bottom. If the time is measured from the moment the top step begins to descend to the time he steps off the last step at the bottom, find out the height of the stair way in steps?

Question 6
The average age of 10 members of a committee is the same as it was 4 years ago, because an old member has been replaced by a young member. Find how much younger is the new member?

Question 7
Can you tender a one rupee note in such a manner that there shall be total 50 coins but none of them would be 2 paise coins?

Question 8

What is the missing number in this series?

8 2 14 6 11 __ 14 6 18 12

Question 9

The minute hand of a clock overtakes the hour hand at intervals of 64 minutes of correct time. How much a day does the clock gain or lose?
Answer 32 8/11 minutes.

Can you find out what day of the week was January 12, 1979?

Question 11

On which of the following occasions would service be on the greatest number of lines disrupted.

A. A snowy afternoon with the temperature at 45 degree Fahrenheit
B. A snowy morning with the temperature at 45 degree Fahrenheit
C. A rainy afternoon with the temperature at 45 degree Fahrenheit
D. A rainy afternoon with the temperature at 95 degree Fahrenheit

Question 12

Which is similar to pesticide:crop::antiseptic:
A. Wound
B. Clothing
C. Bandage
D. Bleeding


Following the written test the selected candidates have to take part in a group discussion. The group discussion aims to test the vocational skills, presence of mind, and confidence. A group od 10-15 candidates is made out of which 4-6 are selected for the final round.


Last comes the face to face session with the employer. This is to check the candidate’s confidence and ability to work under stress.

The candidates are first asked about their projects and current undertakings. This goes under the technical interview. They consider the references and value calls.

The technical interview covers the different computer languages like Oracle, C++,C and Java.

Sample questions:

- What is the difference between C++ and Java?
-What are objects and classes?
- What is object oriented programming?
- What is polymorphism?
- What is abstraction?
- They can also ask the candidate to write a program.
- Eg: for Swapping

The HR interview focuses mainly on vocational skills and checks the confidence. The ease with which the candidate answers and the presence of mind is all that is required to get through the HR interview.
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