25 Visa Application Process Interview Questions and Answers

Dear Readers, Welcome to Visa interview questions with answers and explanation. These 25 solved Visa questions will help you prepare yourself to face the interview with the visa authorities of various countries.

After reading these tricky Visa questions, you can easily crack the visa interview for job, settlement in foreign countries etc.
The government of any country regulates the immigration of foreigners into their country as it would have predominant impact on the economy. The consulate of the country processes the visa application based on the documentation provided and the interview performance.

The officials of the consulate view all the applicants as intending immigrants to their country and hence it is the applicant who needs to convince them that he \ she will return to their native country after accomplishing the purpose of the visit.

The documentation and presentation in the interview should reflect the ‘strong ties’ with the native country. There are no set thumb rules on what is the right answer for any question. Being honest, confident and positive in attitude becomes key for the success in the visa interview process.

Here are some of the general questions that can be asked in a visa interview.

What is the purpose of visiting X country?

For pursuing higher studies and the X country is known worldwide for providing state of art education system in the particular domain. Hence am visiting the X country.

Is this the first time you are visiting this country or have you been before?

Explain to the interviewer appropriately. If it is first time... Say yes and show your anxiety to visit the country. If you have already been, give details of your earlier trip like when you have visited and how many days you have stayed.

Why did you choose X country as your destination for higher education?

One can explain that “Many of my seniors from college did their post graduation from this country. Understood from them the quality of education and the exposure that is provided by the colleges are very good when compared to many others countries.

Which course did you choose and how many colleges did you apply to?

The answer can be like “I am an Electronic & communications engineer and I am very much interested in the embedded systems on which all the modern day technology systems work. Hence I have chosen to do Masters in Embedded Systems.” I applied to five colleges out of which three accepted my application and I have decided to join college 'A'

Can you show us the score cards of the qualifying examinations you have taken?

Tell about the tests that you have taken for the admission in to the college you have chosen and show the necessary documents to the interviewer.

Tell me about your family.

Explain about your family members while emphasizing on each ones profession.

Did you get any scholarship from the college you have applied?

If you have a scholarship, say yes and show the letter \ document received from the college.

If you do not have a scholarship, “I did not get any scholarship and it is my father who is helping me fund for the course.”

Are there any colleges in your native country that offer similar course? Why didn’t you choose to do the course in that college itself?

There are couple of good colleges in my country which are providing this course. The best thing is that the qualification I earn from this particular college in X country is globally recognized. This is the major reason because of which I decided on moving out of my native place and gain the good exposure that can help me in building a bright career in embedded systems.

Do you have any history of backlogs during your graduation?

Be honest and show your mark sheets of all the semesters of your graduation. Do not hesitate if there is a backlog. Tell the interviewer the reason behind the low score and how you have cleared the examination.

How long will this course last.

Explain about the course curriculum in detail and show the information you have got from the college you are joining.This question helps the interviewer understand as to how many years you would stay in the X country.

How are you are funding for this course and can you submit the necessary documentation?

I have made arrangements of my own funds as I did not any scholarship from the college. My father is contributing from his savings and house property that we have. Here with submitting the bank statements, income tax returns and salary certificates of my father.

Do you know any of your professors in the college you have applied and what their names are?

Yes, I know couple of professors and am continuously interacting with them for the last 6 six months in the process of my application to the college. They helped me get the admission and here are the email interactions I had with them on the confirmation of my admission.

What are the career prospects for this course in your home country?

This is a kind of trap and it shows how serious you are to go back to your home country after completing the course. To answer this question, you can say something like - There are many companies that are working on embedded systems in my country and hence expecting good great prospects after I return to my home country.

What is your career goal?

My career goal is to master in the field of embedded design and start a company of my own that offers services to all major players in the market.

What is the annual income from all sources for your family?

Explain about the salary income of your parents and also show the documents pertaining to your family properties and income from it. This helps the interviewer understand that you have good financial background and you can manage all your expenses during your course.

What do you know about the city you are going to live for the next couple of years?

The X city is the hub for all aspiring students from all over the world. It is a good place to live and understood that the culture is very good and lets anyone to settle down easily.

Can you speak the language widely spoken in the country you are travelling to?

It is always better to learn the basics of the foreign language as it helps in sustaining the initial days better and have good interactions with people around. One need to understand is that in many countries English is hardly used and they show a great love towards their language.

Do you have any friends and relatives in X country?

It is good to say you that know someone there like your friends or relatives so that you can bank on them in case of any necessity. Also provide their addresses that help in building confidence.

What will you do during the breaks in the semesters in the PG course?

The answer can be like “Will take up assignments in the college and keep myself engaged in the research work. Also try pursuing any additional courses to improve my skills and knowledge further.”

Do you have any prior work experience?

Say yes or no appropriately. If yes show the experience letters of the company you worked with.

Which company you worked with and why did you exit from it?

Worked with ABC Company and had been with them for X years after completion of graduation. Was a top performer and am having very good relations with both colleagues and superiors. The only intention was to improve my qualification and gain expertise that can help get a good career growth. Hence after gaining X years of experience decided for higher education in the same domain.

What was the salary that you were getting from the ABC Company?

Started with X lakhs per annum in XXXX year as a fresher and my last drawn was X lakhs per annum. Show the salary certificates to support your explanation.

Will the company ABC sponsor you for this post graduation course?

If the company won’t sponsor you, you can say something like - In ABC Company there is no policy to sponsor their employees for higher education. Hence I am not an exception. But my superiors and project manager really appreciated my decision to pursue post graduation from the college I have chosen.

You had a good job and family in your home country. Why do you want to leave everything?

Yes. Life is pretty good but the fact is that in the competitive world gaining edge over others is very important. I feel that pursing higher studies will help in advancing faster in career and hence it is the right to invest time and money for building a bright life ahead.

Will you join back the previous company after your return to the home country?

Yes. Would look forward to join the same company where I have started my career and already established myself in the system.
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