2 Yoga Teacher Resume Samples, Examples - Download!

Yoga Teacher Resume - Sample 1

Mandeep XXXXX
Contact No: 9XXXXXXX
Email Id : deepxxxxxx@gmail.com
  • An experienced Yoga instructor committed to make a difference in the educational field by applying wide knowledge of Yogic philosophy & Psychology.
  • Serve people to realize the importance of yoga to maintain a sound body and a sound mind.
  • Use my in-depth knowledge and understanding of yoga in the field of yoga practice.
  • Contact information |Use yoga as a tool for relaxation and happiness for people in their daily life.
  • Use yoga as a healthy life style
  • Diploma In Yogic Sciences XXXXXXXX National Institute Of Yoga
  • Diploma In Early Childhood Care & Education XXXXXXX University
  • Bachelor Of Education XXXXXXX University
  • Bachelor Of Science In Teaching Technology XXXXX University
  • Master Of Art (PHILOSOPHY) XXXXX University
  • Bachelor Of Arts XXXXXXX University
Work Experience
Organization : XXXXXXXX
Designation : Yoga Teacher

  • The job involved teaching different Yogic Practices to 100 mountain bikers to acclimatize them in high altitude (18500 Feet) & to maintain their overall health during the expedition.
  • Customize meditation and yoga sessions according to learner profile and physical & psychological needs.
  • Promoted balance of the body and mind through effective teaching and demonstrations.
  • Prepare class content and format appropriate for student level and style or type of yoga class.
  • Demonstrate techniques and methods of exercise and meditation
  • Maintain positive relationships with members to encourage continued class attendance, provided health & wellness information and addressed any concerns.
  • Administer emergency first aid, wrap injuries, treat minor chronic disabilities, or refer injured persons to physicians
Organization : XXXXXX Yoga Center
Designation : Yoga Instructor

  • Worked as a Yoga Instructor at SOHAM (School Of Health Awareness And Meditation) Yoga Center.
  • The work involved taking an hour and a half hour Yoga Class everyday for batch of 15 students.
  • Developed, instructed and led stretching, warm-up and cool down exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Responsible for developing musical playlists suitable for and supportive of the level of class being instructed
  • Provided feedback to students supporting a safe class environment
  • Supported the co-creation of a non-judgmental and fun environment to optimize learning.
Social Worker
District President, Aryan Society For Research In Yoga And Naturopathy
  • The work focuses on promoting Yoga and Naturopathy by organizing camps & seminars throughout India.
  • The organization's goal is to make people aware of natural way of living healthy life.
Social Worker, NGO, Ambedkar Center, XXXXX University
  • The job included taking interviews of laborers & their kids working at poultry farms, agricultural fields & building sites & giving feedback to the Government.
Other Activities
  • Attended an intense 10 days Vipassana Meditation Camp conducted by Vipassana Mediatation Centre, Bangalore.
  • Awarded Bronze medal, 100 meters race, 25th Australian Sikh Games, Sydney
  • Undergone basic course of Art of Living in Chandigarh.
  • Conducted summer camp for children in Eurokids to enhance their creativity through innovative games as a part of Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education.
  • Member of college Athletics Team throughout graduation and post-graduation.
  • Awarded 'Athlete of The Year' Award in College Sports Meet.
  • Department Representative of Philosophy Department during post-graduation.
  • Basic knowledge of Indian Folk Dances.
Personal Details
Date of Birth:

Yoga Teacher Resume - Sample 2

Mrinalini Sharma
Tel: 011 – 278*****/ +9199********
Email ID – Mr*******@live.in
Career Objective
Looking for job opportunities as a yoga instructor, where I can lead people towards a deeper level of physical fitness and healthy lifestyle along with mental peace.
Areas of Expertise
  • Power yoga
  • Yoga
  • Public Speaking
  • Communications
  • Motivator
  • Problem solving skills
Professional Experience
1. SYZ High School

  • Responsible for taking weakly yoga sessions for school students of all ages
  • Responsible for teaching all styles of yoga, including power yoga
2. Company XYZ

  • Responsible for talking yoga sessions thrice in a week for the employees in the organization.
  • The motive of starting these sessions was to give employees a stress free session at work and to relax the minds of the employees from the hectic life style.
  • Also responsible for giving them lessons on concentration and relaxation techniques.
3. Health and Fitness Studio

  • Responsible for taking yoga classes on a daily basis
  • Responsible for also taking power yoga sessions on a daily basis
4. ABC college of Commerce

  • Training the studets in yoga and power yoga on a daily basis
  • Also responsible for giving yoga training and guiding the students who want to make yoga as their career
  • Appointed as a permanent teacher.
5. Yoga Institute

  • Appointed as the yoga instructor and guide the people to do yoga in the right way
  • Give them knowledge and information about each asana as to why it is done and what benefits would they gain out of it
  • Rectify people who are doing it in the wrong way
6. ABC Child Care Hospital

  • Responsible for teaching Lamas – Yoga for pregnant women in the hospital
  • Responsible for also consulting the pregnant women for the same who have not yet taken up the course of Lamas
  • Awarded as the “best trainer” award
  • Awarded as the “best yoga teacher” award
  • Successful in gathering a good number of students at every place I worked in
  • Certificate Course in “The Art of Daily Living”
  • Certificate course in Lamas – Yoga for pregnant women from U.S University
  • Teacher’s Training Course in yoga
  • Teacher’s Training Course in Power Yoga
  • Master’s Degree in physical fitness course
  • Graduate degree in bachelors of science (B.SC)
Personal Details
Address – Malviya Nagar, Delhi
Languages Known – English, Hindi, French
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