ADO.NET Overview

ADO.NET overview

ADO.NET is design to provide data access. ADO.NET supports disconnected database access model which means that connection is open long enough to perform data operation and is closed. When data is requested by the application, connection is opened, required data is loaded to the application and connection gets close. So in ADO.NET, connection is only available when it is required. This model reduces system resource usage and thus enhances performance.

ADO.NET is shipped with the Microsoft .NET Framework. It is used to access relational data sources, XML, and application data.
ADO.NET uses XML for data transaction between client application and database.

To access data using ADO.NET's DataAdapter objects create connection using connection object.

- Create Dataset object using DataAdapter object.
- Load data into Dataset using fill method of DataAdapter.
- Display Data using Dataset object.
- Close connection
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