BPEL vs. workflow foundation

BPEL vs. Workflow Foundation.

BPELWorkflow foundation
It is a language for defining business process behavior based on web services.It is the programming model, engine and tools for quickly building workflow enabled applications on windows.
It is process centric.It is human centric.
It can be used for composite web service.It can be used for user interface-page centric flow, document-centric workflow and composite workflow applications.
It cannot define the graphical representation of processes.It can be defined graphically.
Role of BPEL
Role of BPEL - BPEL is a language for relatively simple description of how web services are composed into business processes.......
BPEL Orchestration and Choreography
BPEL Orchestration and Choreography - Orchestration: The control over the web services that are involved and coordinating the execution of different operations on the web services involved in the operation is taken by the central process in orchestration.....
BPEL Executable and Abstract Processes
BPEL Executable and Abstract Processes - The exact details of business processes can be specified by executable processes.......
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