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What is BizTalk?

- The BizTalk Framework is a set of guidelines for driving the consistent adoption of XML to enable e-Commerce and application integration.

- It is initiated by Microsoft and supported by a wide range of organizations.

- The BizTalk Framework is an open framework for B2B exchange, It is implemented across all major platforms and most major B2B products.

- BizTalk provides costs savings when used in internal IT projects and can be used in externally focused solutions too.

- BizTalk Server 2000 is based on the BizTalk Framework. It provides the infrastructure and tools to enable B2B eCommerce and process integration.

- BizTalk enables companies to integrate and manage business processes by exchanging business documents between business applications within or across organizational boundaries.

- BizTalk has a website called www.biztalk.org which is a "repository" and "gateway" for BizTalk to enable dissimilar business applications to exchange structured documents with each other.

What is BizTalk?

Biz Talk is a Business Process Management server from Microsoft. It is a message based integration tool. Biz Talk enables large enterprises to automate and integrate the business processes. This process is done by using adapters those are tailored for communicating among various software systems in an enterprise. It provides functions like Business Process Modeling, Business-to-Business communication, Message broker, EAI, Process automation. Biz Talk enables enterprises for integrating and managing business processes by exchanging various documents such as PO (Purchase Order), Invoices within and across boundaries of enterprises. MS Visual Studio supports development for Biz Talk server.
Message Type (i.e. BTS.MessageType) - Biztalk
Biztalk - Message Type (i.e. BTS.MessageType) - Messages in BizTalk are data, and each message must be of a selected message type.
Distinguished field and Promoted Property - Biztalk
Distinguished field and Promoted Property - The two ways to programmatically access an attribute or element in BizTalk are Distinguished Field and Promoted Property
What is direct binding? - Biztalk
What is direct binding? - Direct binding in Biztalk Server 2004 can be used to send messages from one Orchestration to another and can also be used to send messages directly into the message box.
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