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Explain Message Type (i.e. BTS.MessageType) and how is it used in BizTalk?

- Messages in BizTalk are data, and each message must be of a selected message type.
E-mail, Documents, InfoPath forms, large binary files, SQL records, flat files, and anything XML can be processed as messages.
- BizTalk is all about messages and message-oriented programming.
- The most common message type in BizTalk is a schema.
- If you try to change the message type after having selected the message for send/receive and having it connected to a port, you may get an error.

So to do away with this, you may need to perform the following checks:

1. Before jumping in to do as the error message suggests, let’s think for a moment about what that entails.
2. Inspect every Receive and Send shape to determine if it uses a Message variable that’s associated with the schema you want to change.
3. Its not a good practice to create a single orchestration with so many Receive/Send shapes.
4. Delete Port connections, once you find all the Receive/Send shapes.
5. Change the Message variable so that the Message Type property is set to the new schema and then reassociate the Message variable with each Receive/Send shape.
6. Find all the Port Types that are associated with the Ports you disconnected from Receive/Send shapes and reset their Operation’s Message Type properties.
7. Use a Multi-Part Message Type to wrap the underlying schema. It’s flexible and saves time in the long run.

Following steps explain how to use the message types:

1. Right-click Messages in the Orchestration View tab to create a new message, you have four choices for the Message Type property.
2. Expand Multi-part Message Types and then choose Create New Multi-part Message Type.
3. Name your multi-part message type then expand it so you can see its MessagePart_1 member (BizTalk suggested name).
4. Set the Message Body Part property to True so that it acts just like a regular message.

Explain Message Type (i.e. BTS.MessageType) and how is it used in BizTalk?

Message Type is a property of Biz Talk system which is promoted in a pipeline. It is developed by using Document Name Space # Root Node Name. The message types manage the metadata, also called content properties which are used for creation of filters on send ports and a criterion named orchestrations-subscription is queried against the metadata. Messaging engines are prompted by these properties. Disassembler pipeline prompts BTS Message Type during parsing the message and specifies the message type. It is defined as a document schema name space and document root node.
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