What is direct binding? - Biztalk

What is direct binding?

- Direct binding in Biztalk Server 2004 can be used to send messages from one Orchestration to another and can also be used to send messages directly into the message box.

- In Direct Binding, properties like BTS.SPID, BTS.ReceivePortID, etc are not exploited automaticaly by orchestration ports.

- So, BizTalk does not manage the binding of orchestration ports to messaging Receive and Send ports.

- Developers can control subscriptions and message context to route messages.

- External binding configuration cannot be used with directly bound orchestration ports.

- Direct binding is the most flexible model but You cannot configure your orchestration ports using binding files. More programming needs to be done to fully exploit the flexibility on offer.

What is direct binding?

Sending messages from one orchestration to another is done by using Direct Binding technique. It is also being used for sending messages directly into the message box. It is used in publish and subscribe system in BizTalk for sending messages among orchestrations.
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