What is the Rules Engine? - Biztalk

What is the Rules Engine?

BizTalk Rules Engine provides a framework to enable the implementation, deployment, and versioning of your business logic in a quick and extensible manner. BRE can integrate with and complement orchestration.

With BizTalk Rules Engine:

1. You can define and change business rules without recompiling or restarting your application.
2. Beginning with an examination of the Rules Engine architecture and we will show how you can create vocabulary definitions against XML, DB and .NET objects and test and publish effective policies using the policy testing tools.

What is the Rules Engine?

A rules engine is a software system, which is used for executing one or more business rules in a dynamic production environment. The rules might be from legal regulation, company policies or any other resources.

Rules engine is provided as component of a business rules management system, which provides the abilities such as define, register, classify and manage all rules, verifies consistency of rules definitions, defining relationships among rules and relates them to IT applications which are effected by one or more rules.
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