BizTalk Server Messaging Services - Biztalk

Describe BizTalk Server Messaging Services.

1. A Message is the heart of the BizTalk Server. The messaging service in BizTalk allows provides communication within the Server as well as the outside it.
2. Being a part of the Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM), the BizTalk messaging services follow the public/subscribe fashion.
3. A message going into the Message box has the responsibility of storing all the message instances.
4. A message is published so that the ports that have subscribed to that message can consume it.
5. Once a message has been created, it cannot be changed. Another message has to be created in order to perform a change.
6. Messages are not a single entity. Each is composed of one or more message parts.

Describe BizTalk Server Messaging Services.

Biz Talk is a message handling engine. It is important to understand the messages, their representation, storage and processing by the Biz Talk server.

A message is a multi-part message and has zero or more parts. A message consists a binary chunk of data that is represented as xml document or a flat file. The body part of the message is used for identifying the type of the message for routing. All messages in the Biz Talk server is immutable, i.e., the messages can not be changed / modified.

All the message instances for all messages are persisted in the message box. It follows publish / subscribe paradigm and implemented by using Message-Oriented Middleware.
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