BizTalk Server and Web Services - Biztalk

Explain the difference between BizTalk Server and Web Services.

- BizTalk is a product while Web Services are a standard.
- BizTalk Server is a Microsoft product whereas Web Services have been developed by many organizations including Microsoft, IBM, etc.
- BizTalk Server application has been built to enable the internal business processes of organizations, operate with ease. Web Services are small applications published using UDDI to enable all the people find them.
- Web services are that they are platform neutral. BizTalk can leverage Web services.

Explain the difference between BizTalk Server and Web Services.

Biz Talk is a product.
Biz Talk is an application for building and deploying business processes internally and quickly with business associates / partners.

Web Service is a service.
A web service is a service which can be accessed over standard internet protocols. Web services can be published using UDDI. A web service can be platform independent.

Web services are based on industry standards and co-developed by industry giants.
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