C#.NET Assembly manifest

What is Assembly manifest?

- Assembly Manifest describes the relationship and dependencies of the components in the assembly.

- The versioning information, scope information and the security permissions are required by the assembly.

- An Assembly data like version, scope, security information (strong name),etc is stored in manifest.

- The assembly manifest also contains a reference to the resource and classes.

- The assembly manifest of an assembly is stored in either an .exe or a .dll with Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) code.

- This file contains metadata about .NET assemblies.

- It contains a collection of data that describes how the elements in the assembly relate to each other.

Where is it stored?

- It can be stored in Portable Executable(PE) file (.exe or .dll) with Microsoft Intermediate Language(MSIL) code.

- You can add or change some information in the Assembly Manifest by using assembly attributes in your code.

- You can view the manifest information for any managed DLL using ILDasm.

It performs following functions:

- It enumerates the files that make up the assembly.

- It provides a level of indirection between consumers of the assembly and the assemblies implementation details.

- It renders the assembly self-describing.

- It enumerates other assemblies on which the assembly depends.
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Unable to run my application due to assebly manifest
Please can somone help me outm
I design a an Inventory application with C#.NET, the program has been running for some times, but now it refuse to start up, even the visual studio is not running.
The error message am getting is that assembly Manifest is missing.
Pls I need help
Udom Moses 09-7-2015