Avoid long e-mail addresses in your CV

Avoid long e-mail addresses in your CV.

Longer the e-mail address, lesser are the chances of a potential employer getting back to you.

The probability of a person mistyping your e-mail address is larger if the e-mail address is longer. So, keep it short and meaningful.

Suppose your name is Jacob Mendez, an e-mail address like Jacobm@----.com would be perfect as it is easy to search and understand.
Avoid funky e-mail ids in your CV
Avoid sending your CV through a funky e-mail id when you are applying for a position that demands seriousness and maturity...
Avoid saving your CV with an irrelevant file name
Some people like to save their CV with a file name like, CV of Jacob Mendez for Marketing.doc..
Don't embedding contact information in the text in your CV
Suppose you receive a menu card from a restaurant which has all the good recipes, affordable price...
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Quest to work in a professional atmosphere that will enable me to cope-up with emerging as well as the latest technologies and provide scope for widening the spectrum of my knowledge thus make me to achieve both organizational and personal goals.


? Having 1.5 years of Experience in the Software Development in processing climatic models using C & Unix.
? Having 3 months of experience in Core Java.
? Working on different tools of Meteorology like ORIGIN & GRADS.
? Good analytical and programming skills.
? Ability to grasp quickly, adapt to changing technologies and acquire the required
Skill sets for the changing scenario.
? Ability to interact and work in teams as well as individual with emphasis on
effective communication.


? Working as a Software Engineer at _______
? Worked as DSMA at _____ since ________
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