27 DataStage interview questions and answers


DataStage interview questions and answers

1. What is DataStage?
2.What are the differences between Datastage and Informatica?
3.What are the components of DataStage?
4.What is a merge in DataStage?
5.What are system variables and sequencers in DataStage
6.What is the difference between operational data stage (ODS) and data warehouse?
7.How do you generate Sequence number in Datastage?
8.Purpose of Pivot Stage and types of containers in DataStage
9.What can we do with DataStage Director?
10.Difference between data warehousing and OLAP
11.Entity, Attribute and Relationship in DataStage
12.What is a folder? Difference types of stages
13.How can we improve performance of Data Stage jobs? - DataStage
14.Command line functions that import and export the DataStage Jobs
15.Difference between ‘Validated Ok’ and ‘Compiled’ in Data Stage
16.How to implement complex jobs in Data Stage?
17.What are Stage variables and constants? - DataStage
18.Difference between Sequential File and Data Set - DataStage
19.How to perform incremental load in DataStage?
20.Importance of surrogate key in Data warehousing
21.What are the types of hashed files in Data Stage?
22.What is DS Administrator used for? - DataStage
23.What is the flow of loading data into fact & dimensional tables? - DataStage
24.What are the types of containers and how to create them? - DataStage
25.Difference between In Process and Inter Process - DataStage
26.Difference between server jobs & parallel jobs - DataStage
27.Functionalities of Link Partitioner and Link Collector - DataStage

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