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Oracle interview questions Oracle architecture
Oracle processes Oracle memory area
Oracle file types Oracle database objects
Oracle operators Oracle composite
Oracle constraints Oracle data types
Oracle DCL and TCL Oracle DML commands
Oracle error handling Oracle functions
Oracle function, procedure, package Oracle import and export
Oracle sub queries Oracle table
Oracle triggers Oracle views
Oracle synonym Oracle indexes
Oracle joins Oracle cursors
Oracle form Oracle security
Oracle system privilege Oracle object privileges
Oracle table privileges Oracle view privileges
Oracle backup & recovery Oracle DBA
Oracle PL/SQL Oracle nested table & varrays
Oracle large objects Oracle replication
Oracle transaction Oracle optimizer
Oracle auditing Oracle backup
Oracle database tuning Oracle application tuning
Oracle procedures Oracle functions
Oracle loops Oracle exceptions
Oracle select into clause Oracle string functions
Oracle numeric functions Oracle date functions
Oracle translate and decode Oracle correlated sub-queries
Oracle union, intersect and minus Oracle clusters
Oracle sequences Oracle tablespaces
Oracle object datatypes  
Latest Oracle interview questions and answers

How to retrieve 5th highest sal from emp table?
Difference between clustering and mirroring
Explain the significance of cluster table or non cluster table.
How many types of trigger can be used in a table at a time? What are they?
Purpose of using Nextval while creating the sequence.
Difference between formula column and place holder.
Explain how to see the report output in excel sheet in oracle applications.
What are the types of calculated columns available? Explain them
Explain how to run any oracle script file through shell script in UNIX.
Explain how to update records of a table in oracle using where Exists clause.
Explain how to make use of parameterized cursor in Oracle.
Explain the use of Translate Function in Oracle.
Describe the use of "for update of" in Oracle Cursor.
What are the components of OEM?
What is the difference between locks, latches, enqueues and semaphores?

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