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Oracle date functions

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Oracle - oracle date functions - Feb 18, 2010 at 15:20 PM by Rajmeet Ghai

Describe the use of following oracle date functions with an example.

ROUND and TRUNC in date calculation
TO_DATE and TO_CHAR formatting

1. Sysdate
Sydate in Oracle /PLSQL is used to return the current date and time of the system in which the database is configured.

Returns the System date and employee from the table

Select SYSDATE, id from employee Where emp_id >100;

2. Current_date
Current_date in Oracle /PLSQL is used to return the current date of the time zone of the existing or running SQL session.

Select current_date from employee Will return: 16-JAN-2010 10:14:33

SYSTIMESTAMP in Oracle /PLSQL is used to return the current system (on which the database is configured) date and time which includes fractions of seconds and time zone.

Select SYSTIMESTAMP from employee Will return: 16-JAN-10 PM -08:00

4. ROUND and TRUNC in date calculation
ROUND in Oracle /PLSQL is used to return the next rounded value of a number. The number of decimal places to be rounded is determined by a parameter.

ROUND(120.411) will return 120
ROUND(120.411, 1) will return 120.4
Select ROUND(salary_amt,2) from employee

TRUNC in Oracle /PLSQL is used to scrap or truncate the number of digits specifed. The number of digits to be truncated is determined by a parameter.

TRUNC(120.411, 1) will return 120.41
Select TRUNC(salary_amt,2) from employee

5. TO_DATE and TO_CHAR formatting
TO_DATE function in Oracle /PLSQL is used to convert a given string in DATE format.

to_date('2010/07/09', 'yyyy/mm/dd') would return a date value of Jan 10, 2010.
TO_CHAR function in Oracle /PLSQL is used to convert a given number (DATE or number) to string.

to_char(sysdate, 'FMMonth DD, YYYY'); would return ‘Jan 10, 2010'
Here, FM parameter suppresses the blank spaces and zeros.

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