Oracle memory area


Oracle memory area

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Oracle memory area - May 05, 2009 at 18:00 PM by Rajmeet Ghai

Explain the areas of memory used by oracle, i.e. Software code area, system global area (SGA), program global area(PGA), sort area.

Software area code: - It is a protected location that is used to store oracle code that is supposed to be run. The location is different from users' programs. The software area code is read only and can be shared or nonshared.

System global area: - SGA is used to store data and control information of an Oracles database instance when started. Each instance has its own SGA. SGA is read write. It comprises data structures like Redo buffer, Java pool, Streams pool etc.

Program global area:- PGA contains information about server process. It is a non shared memory when a server process is started. Each process has an exclusive PGA.

Sort area: - SQL work area is typically used for complex queries by memory-intensive operators such as Sort area. A sort operator is used to perform the in-memory sort of a set of rows

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