Oracle auditing


Oracle auditing

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Session auditing
Statement auditing
Privilege auditing
Object auditing

Oracle Auditing - Feb 14, 2009 at 15:00 PM by Amit Satpute

Session auditing

Auditing can be for an individual user at session level or access level.

At access level a single record is created per action and at session level one record is created for all audit actions per session.

Session audit records all distinct Encryption and Decryption requests for all sessions.

Session Auditing allows viewing who has had access to your encrypted data down to the Terminal ID and database column level.

The Encryption Wizard management reports to trace user activity against the encrypted data.

Statement auditing

Auditing powerful system privileges without regard to specifically named objects is called statement auditing.

Privilege auditing

Auditing the use of powerful system privileges without regard to specifically named objects is called privilege auditing.

Object auditing

Auditing accesses to specific schema objects without regard to user is called Object auditing.
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