Oracle application tuning


Oracle application tuning

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Explain the rule-based optimizer and cost-based optimizer.

Oracle optimizer

Explain how oracle optimizer works, Describe optimization methods, i.e. cost-based approach and role-based optimization..........

Oracle Functions, Procedures, packages

Explain IN, OUT and INOUT in procedures, What are the rules of writing package?, Explain the rules for writing a package..............

Oracle large objects

What is large object in oracle? Explain its purposes, Explain types of large objects in oracle, i.e. BLOB, LLOB,NCLOB and BFILE............

Oracle processes

User process – User process is used in invocation of application software, Data writing process - A database writer process is used to write buffer content into a datafile. They are specifically used to write “dirty block” to data files from the buffer...............

Oracle Triggers

What is trigger in oracle?, What are the types of triggers?, How the triggers are attached to the table?, What are triggering attributes?..............

Oracle union, intersect and minus

UNION: The UNION operator is used to combine the result-set of two or more SELECT statements Tables of both the select statement must have the same number of columns with similar data types. It eliminates duplicates..........

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