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Oracle - use of "for update of"

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Oracle - Describe the use of "for update of" in Oracle Cursor. - April 30, 2009 at 20:00 PM by Amit Satpute

Describe the use of "for update of" in Oracle Cursor.

The CURSOR FOR UPDATE obtains a lock on a selected number of rows that have not undergone a COMMIT yet, until a user is done with the transaction.

SQL> declare
2 cursor cur_emp is
3 select id
4 from emp
5 for update of dept;
6 begin
7 for r_cur_emp in cur_emp loop
8 if r_ cur_emp.dept = 'IT' then
9 update emp
10 set salary = salary + 1000
11 where current of cur_emp;
12 end if;
13 end loop;
14 end;
15 /

In this example, we are increasing the salary of the employees from the IT department by 1000 each.


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