Explain how to run any oracle script file through shell script in UNIX


Oracle - how to run any oracle script file through shell script

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Oracle - How to run any oracle script file through shell script - April 30, 2009 at 20:00 PM by Amit Satpute

Explain how to run any oracle script file through shell script in UNIX.

A shell script is simply a text file containing a sequence of commands. When a file or script is run, it executes the commands contained in the file

Scripts written to interact with Oracle Database sometimes require the entry of sensitive information such as a database password.

The stty –echo command turns off the screen echo. After the sensitive information has been read and stored in a variable, the display can be turned on again with stty echo.

Here are a few script commands:

  • get_inv_location.sh
    To determine inventory location
  • list_oracle_homes.sh
    To determine the ORACLE_HOME for a given database
  • search_log.sh
    A variety of logs are generated by Oracle products like the database alert log, installation de-installation logs. The following script iterates over a file passed to it as an argument.

cat $1 | grep ORA- > alert.err

if [ ‘cat alert.err|wc -l‘ -gt 0 ]
          mail -s "$0 $1 Errors" admin@careerride.com < alert.err


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