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Oracle - use of parameterized cursor

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Oracle - use of parameterized cursor - April 30, 2009 at 20:00 PM by Amit Satpute

Explain how to make use of parameterized cursor in Oracle.

A parameter makes the cursor more reusable.
A parameter avoids scoping problems.


Cursor without parameters:

cursor find_id is
select id, name from emp;

Parameterized cursor

cursor find_id is
select id, name, dept from emp
where dept =”IT”

Generalizing a cursor:

     CURSOR cursor_emp (dept_in VARCHAR2)
           SELECT name, dept, last_used_date
           FROM emp
           WHERE dept = dept_in;

emp_rec cursor_emp%ROWTYPE;
         OPEN cursor_emp (:emp.dept);
         FETCH cursor_emp INTO emp_rec;

In the previous example, we passed a hard-coded value (IT) as a parameter to the where.
In this example, we generalized it. So whenever we open a cursor with an argument, the select is parsed and the output is limited to the conditions that apply.


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