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What is DataViewManager?

- DataViewManager can be used to manage view settings of the tables in a DataSet.

- A DataViewManager is best suited for views that consist of a combination of multiple tables.

- The properties like ApplyDefaultSort, Sort, RowFilter , and RowStateFilter are referenced using DataViewSetting.

- A Dataset may contain multiple tables.

- The DataViewManager is a single object that manages all the DataViews.

- It can be used to view settings for all the tables in a DataSet.

- You could use it to bind multiple tables in a control such as a parent-child relationship.

- The DataViewManager has a collection of DataViewSetting objects, each for a table in the DataSet.

- Then you can even specify the default sort, filters etc. in each of the DataViewSetting.

- It contains a default DataViewSettingCollection for each DataTable.

Following are the properties of DataViewManager class:

ContainerGets the container for the component.
DataSetGets or sets the DataSet to use with the DataViewManager.
DesignModeGets a value indicating whether the component is currently in design mode.
EventsGets the list of event handlers that are attached to this component.
SiteGets or sets the site of the component.
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