Are you ambitious?

Are you ambitious?

Answer 1 - You can say that I am very ambitious in the way that I don’t like to get a feeling of stagnancy. I want that I should always be getting new experiences and learning new things.

Answer 2 - Yes. I am extremely ambitious. I feel one has no goal in life if there is no ambition. Ambition helps to succeed.

What qualities would you look for, if you were recruiting someone for this position?

Answer 1 - To answer this question, you need to analyze the requirements of the job profile before appearing for the interview. The answer to this question would estimate your understanding of the role under discussion.

Answer 2 - If I were to recruit someone for this position, I would look for someone who not just has knowledge about his work but also someone who can learn and has the passion to explore whatever is given to him. Flexibility and adaptability is what I would seek.
Are you speaking to some other companies? Or how is your job search going on?
This question gives you an opportunity to let the interviewer know that other companies are also interested in hiring you......
You have stayed for a long time with your last company-Why?
Staying with the same company for too long may be considered as the candidate being un-ambitious.......
What was your biggest mistake?
There’s nothing wrong in admitting a mistake. A human being is bound to commit mistakes......
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